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SSADMStructured Systems Analysis & Design Methodology
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In this series of articles, I hope to unravel the mysteries of SSADM and other 'ologies'.
SSADM just happens to be a British 'invention', (1980, for the Computer and Communications Agency,) and no doubt other countries had their own flavour of SSADM.
To meet this goal, most of the design method presented in this book is placed within the context of SSADM, which, while not perfect, can claim to be the market leading method for commercial systems development in the UK.
SSADM was to be used to analyse the business problem and develop potential systems solutions.
The three diagrammatic techniques are used in the stages of a SSADM project as shown in Table I.
Introduction to Methodologies & SSADM, (1996), http://www.
The employees were asked about the role and importance of SSADM in career progression within the organization.
Westmount's I-CASE Yourdon and I-CASE SSADM are a set of enterprise development tools that provide full life-cycle support for client/server application development.
If we consider information systems methodology usage in the SME environment in general, then from a purely practical perspective SSM can in many ways be more applicable than traditional `hard' information systems methodologies such as SSADM (SSADM, 1995).