SSAFS-Band, Single Access Forward
SSAFSingle Stuck-At Fault
SSAFSacramento Sound Art Festival (Sacramento, CA)
SSAFSchweizerische Stiftung für Alpine Forschung (German)
SSAFStandard Single Account File
SSAFSpecial Security Advisory Forces
SSAFSecurity & Solar Applied Films Limited
SSAFSmall Schools Athletic Federation (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
SSAFSt. So Air Force (French snowboard group)
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Given a cell a in SSAF F define F(a) to be the entry in a.
2 An analogue of Schensted insertion and RSK for SSAF.
Mason (2006/08) defines a similar procedure for inserting a positive integer k into a SSAF F, which is used to describe an analogue of the RSK algorithm.
Based on this Schensted insertion analogue, it is given a weight preserving and a shape rearranging bijection [PSI] between SSYT and SSAF over the alphabet [n].
Equipped with the Schensted insertion anlogue Mason (2006/08) applies the same procedure to find an analogue [PHI] of the RSK for SSAF.
Let SSAF be the set of all SSAFs with basement [n].
In Section 3, we review the necessary theory of SSAFs, the variation of Schensted insertion and RSK for SSAFs.
We give a bijection between biwords, in lexicographic order, whose biletters are cell-coordinates in a NW-SE diagonal of a rectangle diagram, and below it, containing the biggest stair shape, and pairs of SSAFs whose shapes satisfy an inequality in the Bruhat order.
d]) be the pair of SSAFs obtained by the procedure of map [PHI] applied to [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] and ([F.
The SSAF official described the recent accord as an "imposed" compromise agreement, which merely reunited a divided SPLM house to reward a small group with majority of power (over 90%), leaving the rest of the country with a mere 7%.
Meanwhile, the leadership of the SSAF has strongly opposed President Kiir's recent decree, which could result into the creation of 28 new states in the country.
The official, however, pledged that the SSAF leadership was dedicated to providing long term solutions that are inclusive for all parties involved and will continue to provide objective solutions and a way forward for the prosperity of the South Sudanese people.