SSAGState Single Audit Guidelines (Wisconsin)
SSAGSCIAMACHY (Scanning Imaging Absorption Spectrometer for Atmospheric Cartography) Science Advisory Group (Netherlands)
SSAGSwedish Society for Anthropology and Geography (est. 1877)
SSAGAuxiliary Submarine
SSAGSingapore Students' Association of Germany
SSAGSouth Shore Atari Group (Massachusetts)
SSAGStrategic Studies Advisory Group
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While the SSAg predominantly activate T cells of the adaptive immune system through TCR, certain other staphylococcal components such as the cell wall peptidoglycans, lipoteichoic acid, lipoproteins, unmethylated bacterial DNA containing the CpG motifs and even the intact bacteria, collectively called pathogen-associated molecular patterns (PAMPs), can activate the immune system through pathogen recognition receptors (PRR) comprising the toll-like receptors (TLR) and the NOD-like receptors (NLR), expressed by cells of both innate and adaptive arms of the immune system [9-11].
Given that both the SSAg and the staphylococcal PAMPs elicit a predominantly proinflammatory type of immune response [16,19,20], it is widely believed that, during invasive S.
In January of 2005, Professor Carol Rogerson and Professor Rollie Thompson presented their draft proposal of the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines (SSAG) to the federal Department of Justice for distribution to the public in general and the legal profession in particular.
The SSAG set up a mechanism that parties, their counsel, and the courts could use to calculate ranges of payable spousal support, based on the income of the spouses, the existence of children of the marriage, and the length of the marriage.
SSA Global Technologies Inc (Nasdaq: SSAG), a supplier of extended enterprise solutions and services, announced on Wednesday (8 March) its acquisition of Provia Software Inc, a provider of order-to-delivery supply chain execution solutions.
A whole host of Wembley-themed merchandise, including SSags, scarves, jester hats and wigs, are also selling well.
To construct the best possible claim using the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines (SSAGs), by now you have:
The SSAGs encourage this, and Section 13 gives the payor the arguments and tools: Entitlement, Imputing Income, Using the Ranges, Restructuring, Time Limits, Review Orders, and Incentives.
The Australian ratio of number of managers to number of nonclerical employees starts near 0.1 in 1961, Ssags a bit, then moves up to about 0.11 in the 1990s -- one manager per nine workers
As discussed in the last issue of LAW NOW, the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines (SSAGs) are not a precise measure of a person's support claim.
Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines (SSAGs) have been with us for three years.