SSAGSStudent Scout and Guide Society
SSAGSSyntax and Semantics Analysis and Generation System (computing)
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Sometimes the SSAGs apply on review and variation applications.
Quebec courts apply the SSAGs according to their own rules.
If you have worked your way through all the sections, you will have a good idea what the SSAGs are all about.
The third and final part of this series on the SSAGS, on Ceilings and Floors, Exceptions, and Self-Sufficiency, will appear in my next column.
(1) Although the SSAGs are intended to do away with the imprecision and uncertainty of budgets, they are only advisory.
Also, the SSAGs do not automatically apply to all spouses the way the CSGs automatically apply to all children.
The SSAGs set out an extensive list of exceptions, limitations, and qualifications that can push the award past either end.