SSAIScience Systems and Applications, Inc.
SSAIServer-Side Ad Insertion (online advertising)
SSAIScuola Superiore dell'Amministrazione dell'Interno (Italian: School of the Administration of the Interior; Italy)
SSAIStatistical Society of Australia, Inc.
SSAISwiss Society for Allergology and Immunology (Bern, Switzerland)
SSAISomerville Security Associates Inc. (Northridge, CA)
SSAISupport Systems Associates, Incorporated
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Nowtilus' SSAI solution offers a bufferless transition between the video content and ad in a streaming environment.
SSAI can create an individualized media stream for segments of viewer to get different ads.
(SSAI), a woman-owned small business, that has been performing scientific and technological applications services for NASA, NOAA, and other federal agencies since its incorporation in 1977.
The SSAI fully supports the suspension of hydroxyethyl starch-starch solutions commissioned by the European Medicines Agency.
He recalled that Provincial minister for industries Manzoor Wassan during his visit promised to establish modern fire station in the SSAI area.
1.37ab satvanu | kadana asta badi [] ku ssai | ttusuvo' (25) ditte (5+12+7)
Rachel Cruz Rotella, Manager 972-263-2391 - SSAI Media Spokesperson Rep Crispy Knight, SSAI Media Spokesperson 918-853-2180 or 918-409-0339
En la tabla 2 se detallan los resultados de la variable ansiedad, obtenidos mediante el PRCS y el SSAI en la comparacion entre los tres grupos.
Some are chronicled( in a 2006 paper in the journal BMJ by Gloucester radiologist Brian Witcombe and SSAI executive director Dan Meyer, who reported on medical histories volunteered by 46 sword swallowers.19 of the sword swallowers said they'd gotten sore throats when they were learning to swallow, or after performing too frequently, or when they swallowed more than one sword, or an oddly-shaped blade.
SSAI uses to manage dozens of nonprofits receiving money.
Los iniciadores utilizados para inducir la mutagenesis de los genes invG/invE (SPI-1) y ssaJ/ ssaK (SPI-2) y amplificar el gen de resistencia a la kanamicina del plasmido pKD4, se muestran en la tabla 2; estos se disenaron con secuencias homologas (36 nucleotidos) a la region del cromosoma adyacente a los genes objeto de delecion [H1 (invF) y H2 (invA) de SPI1 y H1 (ssal) y H2 (ssaL) de SPI2], de las SPI1 y SPI2 (numero de acceso GenBank para SPI1 U08280 y para SPI2 ssaL Y09357, ssaI AJ224892) mas la secuencia correspondiente a P1 y P2 del plasmido PKD4 (20 nucleotidos).
(SSAI) and NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, for excellent assistance with the sea-ice calculations and the five sea-ice figures.