SSAMSmall Synthetic Aperture Minehunter (sonar imaging)
SSAMSocial Service Assistance Module
SSAMSoftware Systems for the Arts and Media (University of Hertfordshire; UK)
SSAMSub-System-Allowed Message
SSAMSmall Slope Approximation Method
SSAMSociety of Sales & Marketing
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Vehicle trajectory data was analysed through SSAM based on the actual expressway model established in VISSIM.
On the other hand, Conflict statistical analysis was carried out in SSAM based on the data of vehicles trajectory.
Presently, two generations of the SSAM concept exist, both of which operate in strip-map mode: monostatic and utilizing broadside beams.
A recently developed modality exploiting tomographic processing (taking measurements around the periphery of an object) has been demonstrated with the SSAM system.
Calibration and validation procedure for intersection safety simulation using SSAM and VISSIM, in ICCTP 2010: Integrated Transportation Systems--Green, Intelligent, Reliable: Proceedings of the 10th International Conference of Chinese Transportation Professionals.
Change in arousal, the primary dependent variable, was analyzed based on numerical change in GCS score, SSAM, RLA, and DRS scores.
Difference between groups on SSAM scores, before and after the second clinical measure for arousal, was statistically significant (t = -3.
For more information regarding the SSAM application, including discussion of the theoretical background and the results of a series of evaluation tests, see the corresponding FHWA research report titled Surrogate Safety Assessment Model and Validation: Final Report (FHWA-HRT-08-051).
The goals of the directed sensory stimulation program should be individualized to reflect the patient's current interpretative abilities as assessed by the SSAM and/or the Freeman Questionnaire.
The opportunity of testing the Freeman Questionnaire and SSAM and examining ways of integrating the principles of sensory regulation into routine nursing care of patients with PCU/VS was invaluable.
Other benefits that SSAM will perceive as a result of the switch to Tideworks Technology include:
After consulting with the Rockledge team, we determined that it was in the best interest of shareholders to close SSAM due to its performance and associated costs.