SSANSocial Security Account Number
SSANSimple Search Advancing Network
SSANSecurity Sensitive Ammonium Nitrate
SSANStatewide Systems Advocacy Network
SSANSuch Sums As Necessary (funding)
SSANStock Sector Analysis Newsletter
SSANStorage/System Area Network
SSANSage Software Accountants Network
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The center had used the terminal digit sequence of the Air Force serial number since 1958, but in 1967, the Defense Department switched to SSANs.
Take, for example, the case when CPL Samuel Smith, SSAN xxx-xx-6789 already exists in the system.
The Director of TSG, Troy Turrentine, who is a member of the Partner Advisory Board for SSAN, will - along with his staff - join AXIS and will manage our new Knoxville office, where he will now be able to enhance technical support by drawing on AXIS's sophisticated tech support operations.