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SSAPSource Service Access Point
SSAPSequence-Specific Amplification Polymorphism (biology)
SSAPStatistical Signal and Array Processing
SSAPSoftware Security Assurance Program
SSAPSession Service Access Point
SSAPSpace Systems Acquisition Policy (US DoD)
SSAPShort Sale Assistance Program (real estate)
SSAPsequential structure alignment program (for protein structure comparison)
SSAPSimple Spectral Access Protocol
SSAPStrategic Safety Action Plan
SSAPSite Specific Action Plan (various locations)
SSAPSymantec Security Awareness Program (Symantec Corporation)
SSAPStudents for Suicide Awareness and Prevention (Colorado State University)
SSAPStatement of Standard Accountancy Practice (UK)
SSAPSubmarine Sonar Adaptive Processor
SSAPSenior Service Alert Program
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Kyocera joined the SSAP in 2018 to focus on creating new businesses and innovative products and this marks the first inter-company project with a private office for external business set up inside Sony's HQ building.
One TSA and one SSAP with high-grade dysplasia were found in the present study.
The SSAP revealed that her office has made some interventions in the health sector in FCT, by providing very critical hospital facilities like furniture and ambulance services for the National Hospital to safeguard the life of the newborn and reduce infant mortality.
SSAP issued the statement after netizens negatively reacted on social media.
The working group, part of the Financial Condition Committee at the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), is putting a draft of the new reporting requirements, Statement of Statutory Accounting Principles (SSAP) Number 107, through a shortened version of the usual public comment process.
For his part, Bahij Bahko a member of the delegation and president of the Syrian Swedish Peace Association (SSAP) said that the delegation has a message to convey about what is happening in Syria to the western people and media, calling on the Syrian expats to show all forms of support to their homeland.
CREDO IN DEUM Lli quein Dios ef quic, ech ech aipeec, cucia, eeiz caix copaec, aiegeen lliquein oncegco giornaio giung eiz, inceich qiec lesu Cnristo can ang pceccedo, Espiritu Santong ssap meen, eng e polenic, namtop que muno Santa Mariang pol en quichn Ponqio Pilatong ssap mceen rronom gcec nontop.
(6.) The Statements of Standard Accounting Practice (SSAP) are issued by the UK Accounting Standards Board.
On a logical level, Smart-M3 consists of three main components: (1) The semantic information broker (SIB) is a database capable of semantic reasoning and is the shared memory of a smart space, (2) knowledge processors (KPs) are agents that interact with the SIBs, and (3) KPs can use seven smart space access protocol (SSAP) functions for communication with an SIB.