SSAPSource Service Access Point
SSAPSequence-Specific Amplification Polymorphism (biology)
SSAPStatistical Signal and Array Processing
SSAPSoftware Security Assurance Program
SSAPSession Service Access Point
SSAPSpace Systems Acquisition Policy (US DoD)
SSAPShort Sale Assistance Program (real estate)
SSAPsequential structure alignment program (for protein structure comparison)
SSAPSimple Spectral Access Protocol
SSAPStrategic Safety Action Plan
SSAPSite Specific Action Plan (various locations)
SSAPSymantec Security Awareness Program (Symantec Corporation)
SSAPStudents for Suicide Awareness and Prevention (Colorado State University)
SSAPSubmarine Sonar Adaptive Processor
SSAPStatement of Standard Accountancy Practice (UK)
SSAPSenior Service Alert Program
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Reconocimiento corto E5H Campos usados de la trama Tipo de trama DSAP SSAP DU FCS ED 1.
Ty1- copia retrotransposon-based SSAP marker development and its potential in the genetic study of cucurbits.
166(a)(2) deduction will generally be equal to the company's SSAP 43R credit-related impairment charge-offs for the same items, except that the company increases or reduces its deduction by a positive or negative adjustment.
Similar to the other carry-forward discussions, the deferred tax asset then must be tested for admissibility under SSAP 10.
Gerencia SSAP, 2002), no estan contempladas en el ambito de esta normativa; por lo que, como normativa tecnica es bastante debil en cuanto a su alcance, ademas que tampoco es exigente de planes de monitoreo para el control de emisiones y toma de decisiones en cuanto al otorgamiento de autorizaciones para el inicio de las actividades (Republica de Venezuela, 1995a).
In addition, the ultimate decision on the limitation of the loss reserves can affect the calculation of the premium deficiency reserve, as the loss reserve is a source of funds in the definition of premium deficiency given in SSAP No.
We use SSAP and there's a module for doing separate books on IFRS, but you need to get the information," he says.
During the discussion on whether LHATF should opine that it favored a change in the current wording of SSAP No.
1995), "A Political Economy of SSAP 22: Accounting for Goodwill," British Accounting Review, Vol.
Pension costs to be charged to the profit and loss account next year were currently estimated at pounds 34 million, it said, up from the pounds 16 million hit it expected to take under the superseded SSAP 24 standard.
It is understood SSAP partners are in preliminary talks with at least four developers interested in building a four star hotel and conference centre attached to the seafront Floral Hall.
s authoritative standard on accounting for deferred income taxes was SSAP No.