SSARPSubstance-Specific Applied Research Program
SSARPSouthern Sudan Agriculture Revitalization Program (US and Sudan)
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SSARP and other such studies offer significant added value when it comes to assessing corporate culture, workplace practices, and the characteristics of future employees.
The SSARP database provides the opportunity to investigate to what extent each country is related to, and/or differ from, the other four nationalities.
Bowen, found that "the SSARP does not meet the three-prong standard for procedural due process of Eldridge, nor does it meet the informal and fundamentally fair test of Perales." The court specifically found that "[t]he goal to build upon the record and to present a better record for review has had the opposite effect and has resulted in SSARs obtaining evidence for the government without regard to developing the cases for the claimants." The agency's conception of the government representative was that he or she would, in effect, be an extension of the judge, assisting both the government and the claimant in developing the record.