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SSASSQL Server Analysis Services
SSASSmall Self Administered Scheme
SSASShip Security Alert System
SSASStation Signaling and Announcement System
SSASServer Side Action Script
SSASSmall Self Administred Scheme
SSASScottish Social Attitudes Survey (public health)
SSASStrategic Sourcing and Acquisition Systems (US DHS)
SSASSite Sell Auction Sellers (eBay course)
SSASSolid Sorbent Air Sampler
SSASSpace System Acquisition Strategy
SSASSignal Security Assessment System
SSASSoftware Support Activity System (US Navy)
SSASSystem Security Analysis System
SSASSelf-Structuring Antenna System
SSASSpecial Signals Analysis System
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The 3rd ABCT operates a multi-class SSA that contains 4,264 lines supporting seven battalions consisting of more than 4,000 Soldiers and nearly 2,000 pieces of rolling stock equipment.
The proportional nature between SSA and SSN often has been described by the relationship A = 16.7R, where A represents SSA and R the relative SSN, when using yearly means (e.g., Kiepenheuer 1953, de Jager 1959, Bray and Loughhead 1964, Tandberg-Hanssen 1967, Zirin 1988).
--NABOB proposed that the Commission look at JSAs and SSAs on a case-by-case basis to see if they have the potential to promote diversity of ownership.
Elsewhere the range of investment options available under a SSAS is broadly in line with those eligible for inclusion within a SIPP.
SanDisk Lightning PCIe SSAs are available in 200GB and 400GB capacities.
Should a SSAS or SIPP directly or indirectly acquire taxable property this will create an unauthorised payment tax charge on the SIPP or SSAS member.
The following are just some of the steps being taken to improve the alliances (both SSAs and SCAs).
External misships to SSAs adversely affected the throughput of supplies at LSA Anaconda and throughout CJTF-7, minimized CDC effectiveness in support of CJTF-7, and inflated the demand for parts.
The SSAs measured by pNP range from 13.3 [m.sup.2]/g for the Wharekohe loamy silt, to 59.7 [m.sup.2]/g for the smectitic Waiareka silty clay (Table 1).
As the troops and tanks came rolling in, the SSA's job was to build combat power for an ABCT spread out along eight countries in Eastern Europe.
Ms Jane Burton and Mr Dominic Driscoll, of Stourbridge-based Accessible Hire & Refrigeration, are just two of the Midlands business owners who have realised the benefits of a SSAS.