SSATPSub-Saharan African Transport Policy Programme
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The annual meeting reviewed in detail the progress on the regional integration, urban mobility, and road safety pillars of the SSATPs Third Development Plan (DP3).
While the SSATP is primarily concerned with road and transport infrastructure, its second development plan does have a four year goal to "promote knowledge and good practices in Road Safety, Data Management, Climate Change and Governance.
SSATP DP3, for integrated and sustainable Urban Transport and Mobility policy and its management in African cities.
Partners: The organisation of the 1st Conference of the ASTF was supported by the World Bank, SSATP, UN-Habitat and UNEP, with UNEP hosting the interim ASTF Secretariat until such a time as the Forum meets again.
Prequalification are invited for Provision of Program assistant for SSATP Corridor Facilitation program phase 2.