SSAWWSociety for the Study of American Women Writers
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The "Archive Survival Guide" invited readers to "continue [the] conversation, adding their own thoughts, inquiries, and recommendations" via what was then a very new technological tool, the SSAWW listserv (230).
Please include my name, address, and email in the SSAWW directory.
Please send this completed form with your check or money order payable to SSAWW to Heidi M.
In 2012 the SSAWW, for the first time since its founding in 1998, named a male president, who was elected after running unopposed for the position.
This essay originated as a talk given in October 2012 as part of an invited panel, "Citizenship and Belonging: Envisioning the SSAWW Conference," which was named for the conference theme.
I base this assertion on my observations of the demographics at national conferences and regional conferences hosted by the SSAWW and on the enrollment in classes on women's literature that I and others teach and discuss, not on hard data.
Special thanks to Mary Lou Kete for her substantive contributions to this essay's ideas and phrasing, to the participants and audience of the session on "Counterfactual Counterhistories" at the 2009 SSAWW conference, and to the editors of Legacy.
We see these Roundtable conversations as a beginning point for other discussions we hope to continue in the coming year--at conferences, on the SSAWW listserv, by e-mail, and in person.
These extraordinary scholars (and so many others) were instrumental to my work as editor, they supported the development of the SSAWW, and they continue to influence my scholarship.
Karen Dandurand joined me in planning the society, and then Susan Belasco and Jane Donahue Eberwein joined us; the four of us served as founding officers, taking the SSAWW through its first two conferences.
I track important moments in the unfolding history of our field, as in issues linked to SSAWW conferences.
Sarah Ruffing Robbins: The SSAWW listserv frequently generates interesting and worthwhile discussions, especially about curricular issues and teaching approaches.