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SSBStatistisk Sentralbyrå (Statistics Norway)
SSBSingle Side Band
SSBSingle Stranded DNA-Binding Protein
SSBSalomon Smith Barney
SSBSite-Specific Browser
SSBStuttgarter Straßenbahnen AG (German: public transportation company)
SSBSocietà Per I Servizi Bancari (Italian data processor)
SSBSocial Sciences Building
SSBSingle-Strand Break
SSBService Selection Board (India)
SSBSame Sex Blessings
SSBSingle Site Browser
SSBSystem and Switch Board
SSBSmall Smart Bomb
SSBSector Skills Body (UK)
SSBSt Croix Island, VI, USA - Sea Plane Base (Airport Code)
SSBStriped Stem Borer
SSBSubscriber Busy (telephony)
SSBsoc.subculture.bondage-bdsm (newsgroups)
SSBSoftware Status Bulletin
SSBSpinning Sideband
SSBSchool Sponsoring Body (Hong Kong)
SSBSubsystem Bus
SSBStanding Sushi Bar (Singapore)
SSBShip, Submersible, Ballistic (non-nuclear ballistic missile submarine)
SSBSoaring Society of Boulder (Colorado, aviation)
SSBSainte-Savine Basket (French: Saint-Savine Basketball; Sainte-Savine, France)
SSBsurveillance support branch (US DoD)
SSBSkin Surface Biopsy
SSBStaff Selection Board (India)
SSBStatistical Significance Bars
SSBStabilized Soil Block
SSBSingle Strength B-grade (window glass)
SSBService Separation and Blending (Laural Networks)
SSBSoulshot B Grade (Lineage 2 game)
SSBSingle Synapse Bouton
SSBSplit System Breaker
SSBSunset Supply Base (US Navy)
SSBSkull Shaped Barbute (Everquest)
SSBSecond Significant Bit (one bit next to the most significant bit)
SSBSupport Software Bulletin
SSBSister Societies Board
SSBSociété Spécialisée en Biotechnologie
SSBSouth Side Branch
SSBSwitched Service Bureau
SSBStandard Sector Board
SSBSeattle Symphonic Band (Seattle, WA)
SSBSammamish Sublimation Band (Bothell, WA)
SSBSmall Software Business
SSBSingle-Switch Ballast (fluorescent lamp ballast type)
SSBShort Selling Basher (message board posters who bash stocks to benefit their short positions)
SSBStay-put Stop Button
SSBSociété de Service du Bâtiment (French: Company Service Building)
SSBSelf-Service Banking (various locations)
SSBSuper Smash Bros (video game)
SSBState Statistical Bureau (China)
SSBSince Sliced Bread
SSBSpawning-Stock Biomass (fisheries)
SSBSoftware Solutions for Business, Inc. (est. 1989)
SSBSafely Surrendered Baby (law; California)
SSBSoft-Sided Bag (waste management)
SSBState Street Bank
SSBWilliam S. Spears School of Business (Oklahoma State University)
SSBStrategic Support Branch (US DoD intelligence organization)
SSBState Seismological Bureau
SSBSouth Sea Bubble
SSBStateless Session Bean (web application software development)
SSBStudent Services Building
SSBStupid Son of a Bitch
SSBSource Selection Board
SSBSoldier Support Battalion (US Army)
SSBSpecial Separation Benefit
SSBSalvador Santana Band
SSBSpontaneous Symmetry Breaking (physics)
SSBSoup, Salad and Breadsticks
SSBSchulich School of Business (Canada)
SSBSystems and Synthetic Biology
SSBSupply Support Battalion (US Navy)
SSBSyncrude Sweet Blend (crude oil)
SSBStandard Setting Body
SSBSugar Sweetened Beverage
SSBSandy Spring Bank (Maryland)
SSBSpace Studies Board
SSBStainless Steel Bowl
SSBSystem Simulation in Buildings (international conference)
SSBStar Spangled Banner
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After destroying the cultivation, the SSB lodged an FIR with the local police against the owner of the lands.
SSB was not identified in the MR images obtained before the dissection.
Last week, four Nepalese nationals sustained injuries after being allegedly shot by SSB personnel in southern Nepal near India's border.
Therefore, since SSB is positively related to relationship quality with customers (Ahearne et al.
In the USA, high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is the major sweetener added to SSB whereas this is not the case in other parts of the world.
SSB and the CCs are the most general and basic elements of SSB-based systems such that any target software application system can be designed by connecting FCs and the CCs with SSB [5].
The SSB Project will make that technically possible in about five years.
A typical serving of SSB contains anywhere from 30-70 gms of sugar.
Typically, four SSB protein molecules combine into a complex, each part having one DNA-binding region.
The SSB Series of front end brakes is specifically designed for braking applications on stepper and servo motors.
This article explains why and how-describing the relationship between SSBs and existing servicing systems, the services that will be offered by SSBs, some major features of SSB technology how to make money out of it and who might deploy an SSB.
SSB, a Denver-based Microsoft Partner providing management consulting, technology services, and analytic products for multiple markets including sports, healthcare, real estate, travel and entertainment, announced today that it is adding database marketing experts Jay Graves and Bobby Whitson as partners.