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For the transects of the arrangement farther to the south (SSB4; SSS1 and SSS2), there was observed the high densities of diatoms and silicoflagellates, which are related to a higher concentration of silicate in this region, especially during the winter, with the two largest river inputs in the south region (Rio de la Plata and the Lagoa dos Patos Estuary (Piola et al., 2000), in addition to the high concentration of nutrients (Rigual-Hernandez et al., 2010).
The prevalence of Chaetognatha (SSB1, SSB2, SSB4, SSS1), Copepoda (Acartia sp., Temora stylifera, Temora turbinada, Oithona plumifera, Oithona sp., Paracalanus sp.) in SSB1 and Cladocera (Penilia avirostris) (SSB1, SSB2 and SSB3), are indicative of Coastal Water (WC) and its association with estuarine regions (Resgalla Jr.
Highlight of the transects of the southeast and south regions of Brazil (solid line: sSb1, SSB2, SSB3, SSB4, SSS1, SSS2).
Total phytoplankton (log10) and zooplankton (log+1) density each 5 nm (9.26 km) between towing areas (transects: SSB1, SSB2, SSB3, SSB4, SSS1, SSS2).