SSBFSurvey of Small Business Finances (US Federal Reserve Board)
SSBFStichting Samenwerkende Bibliotheken Flevoland (Dutch: Flevoland Cooperating Libraries Foundation; Flevoland, Netherlands)
SSBFSuper Smash Brothers Flash
SSBFSignal Structure Beamformer
SSBFSagittal Sinus Blood Flow (physiology)
SSBFSpecific Splenic Blood-Flow
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The 2003 SSBF dataset includes information on sources of equity investment and distinguishes between internal and external sources.
The 2003 SSBF dataset reports the number of times a firm had applied for a loan in the past 3 years (Variable MRL2), and whether a business was approved a new loan at least once in the past 3 years (Variable MRL4).
Regarding balances, the SSBF shows that among the 46.
Book insolvent firms are more than 16% of all the limited liability firms in SSBF 1998 and SSBF 2003 respectively.
Multivariate Results 1 2 3 SSBF SSBF SSBF 2003 2003 1998 Outside Wealth 0.
I also use this definition in my analysis, defining tangible assets as the sum of the SSBF variables "land" and "depreciable assets" for the 1993, 1998, and 2003 SSBFs; for the 1987 SSBF, I use the single variable for plant, property, equipment, and intangible assets.
Within the modest share of growing firms, the SSBF data do not tell us by how much the firms grew.
The SSBF survey makes it ideal for this approach because it asks the open-ended question: "What is the single most important problem facing your business today"?
Tables 1 and 2 describe some of the characteristics of firms included in the 1998 SSBF.
In each of the three SSBFs, Cole finds that firms owned by African Americans are 10 to 18 percent more likely to be rejected than other firms, even after incorporating an extensive set of control variables available from the SSBFs.
Out of 3,561 firms in the 1998 SSBF, we exclude 13 firms because 12 firms applied to family or owner for credit and one firm has the Herfindahl index for financial institutions missing.
Garang Diing Akuang, the Minister of Commerce, Industry and Investment in a press leased issued by SSBF, emphasized the importance of the partnership between the Government and Private sector in Promoting Public-Private Dialogue (PPD) on policies that affect the private sector and the business community.