SSBGSocial Services Block Grant (funds states, etc. for provision of social services)
SSBGSex Steroid Binding Globulin
SSBGSinner Saved by Grace (song)
SSBGSteady State Blood Glucose
SSBGShigella Sonnei Biotype G (infectious bacterium)
SSBGSuper Special Beta Group (Joost)
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Funding of APS through SSBG funds consequently varies
Despite separate program missions and little formal coordination of service delivery between the two programs, however, TANF and SSBG are connected fiscally.
Some states have sought to protect themselves against cuts by transferring TANF funds into the SSBG and the Childcare Development Fund.
We used fiscal year 2004 Medicaid state expenditure and 2005 SSBG state allocation data, the most recent data available.
Each enterprise community (rural and urban) receives only $3 million in SSBG funds.
A small portion of the shift occurred in fiscal year 2002 because that is when the SSBG began using the 2000 census counts.
The House Appropriations committee also restored the authority to transfer 10 percent of the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Block Grant [TANF] to SSBG.
In addition, the report lowers the amount states can transfer from TANF, Temporary Assistance to Needy Families, to SSBG to 4.
The transfer rate of of TANF to SSBG however, was maintained at the 10 percent level, as requested.
cut the Social Service Block Grant (SSBG) The bill would cut SSBG by $471 million below the President's request.
Type SSB has a stainless steel flexible conduit core, while Type SSBGS utilises a traditional galvanised steel flexible conduit core.