SSBGSocial Services Block Grant (funds states, etc. for provision of social services)
SSBGScalable Sustainable Business Growth (New Zealand)
SSBGSex Steroid Binding Globulin
SSBGSinner Saved by Grace (song)
SSBGSteady State Blood Glucose
SSBGShigella Sonnei Biotype G (infectious bacterium)
SSBGSuper Special Beta Group (Joost)
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continued availability of SSBG's was recently questioned when the
FEDERAL SPENDING ON CHILD WELFARE FY 2004 Other 3% IV-B 5% Medicaid 10% SSBG 11% TANF 20% IV-E 50% Note: Table made from pie chart.
Despite separate program missions and little formal coordination of service delivery between the two programs, however, TANF and SSBG are connected fiscally.
One hundred forty-eight patients with Shigella infection were identified from January 1 to July 31, 2000, in NSW; 123 (83%) were confirmed as having SSBG infections, compared with an annual average of 95 cases, with about 50% typed as SSBG (11).
New members also receive a copy of the SSBG's informative Handbook on Shetlands.
For nonpitchers, the following equations express, respectively, measures of prior ability (HLQUAL) and current performance (HSQUAL): (5) HLQUAL = [g.sub.1]SA + [g.sub.2]BA + [g.sub.3]WA + [g.sub.4]SBG + [g.sub.5]FA (6) HSQUAL = [g.sub.1]SSA + [g.sub.2]SBA + [g.sub.3]SWA + [g.sub.4]SSBG + [g.sub.5]SFA, where [g.sub.1] through [g.sub.5] are the corresponding regression coefficients from equation (A1); SA, BA, WA, SBG, and FA are lifetime statistics (as of the beginning of the season in question) referring to, respectively, slugging average, batting average, walks per at bat, stolen bases per game, and fielding average; and SSA, SBA, SWA, SSBG, and SFA are the corresponding performance statistics for the season in question.
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The state Department of Economic Security contracts with the Inter Tribal Council of Arizona to plan the home- and community-based services for the elderly, on which the 19 ITCA member tribes have elected to spend their SSBG funds.
Chair's Mark of FY 2005 Labor/HHS/Ed AppropriAtions Bill Program FY2004 Level Bush Request Title I Grants $12.4 B $13.4 B to low-income schools IDEA $10 B $11 B Afterschool $999 M $999 M Even Start $250 M $0 SSBG (Title XX) $1.7 B $1.7 B CCDBG $2.08 B $2.09 B Head Start $5.3 B $5.5 B LIHEAP $2.1 B $2.2 B Ryan White AIDS $2 B $2 B Community Health Centers $1.6 B $1.8 B Dislocated Worker Assistance $330 M $251 M Program House Level Comparison Title I Grants $13.4 B +1 B to low-income schools IDEA $11 B +1 B Afterschool $999 M frozen Even Start $250 M frozen SSBG (Title XX) $1.7 B frozen CCDBG $2.09 B +12 M Head Start $5.4 B +115 M LIHEAP $2.2 B +590 M Ryan White AIDS $2.1 B +35 M Community Health Centers $1.8 B +218 M Dislocated Worker Assistance $330 M frozen
Efforts in Congress to cut TANF were thwarted in 1999 and 2000, but another program, the Social Services Block Grant (SSBG), was cut three times during the 19982000 budget cycles.
For example, we analyzed the sensitivity of Social Services Block Grants (SSBG) to alternative population estimates, rather than the actual census.
Funding for certain local programs will be decided in the omnibus, such as Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS), the Local Law Enforcement Block Grant (LLEBG), Social Services Block Grant (SSBG) and juvenile justice programs.