SSBMSuper Smash Brothers Melee (video game)
SSBMSingle Sideband Mixer (electrical engineering)
SSBMSpringer Science and Business Media
SSBMSurface-to-Surface Ballistic Missile
SSBMSubmarine Service Ballistic Missile
SSBMSteady-State Bone Marrow
SSBMSelective Semisolid Brucella Medium
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Substituting SSBM for HSBM resulted in similar ruminal ammonia-N (p>0.
However, Reynal and Broderick (2003) found reduced DM, NDF, and ADF apparent total tract digestibility when cows were given diets containing HSBM in place of SSBM.
05), but was similar for cows receiving SSBM and HSBM (p>0.
Cows receiving SSBM had greater MCP yields compared to cows receiving HSBM (p<0.
SSBM includes industry interactions, regular internships, projects, etc.
SSBM invests paramount efforts to provide a proactive and encouraging atmosphere for students to nurture their talents.
The recently concluded events like the SSBM-Mint Conclave, clarity through debate, guest lecture series and a lot more, at the SSBM campus are a result of the institute's dedication to deliver the best possible learning to its students.
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