SSBOShader Storage Buffer Object (computing)
SSBOStandard Surgical Blood Order
SSBOSuper Stretchy Bind Off (knitting)
SSBOSystem Support Buy-out
SSBOShort Segment Barrett's Oesophagus (gastroenterology)
SSBOSecret Society of Benz Owners (cars; Mercedes Benz)
SSBOStar Spangled Banner Outreach (American Flag Foundation, Inc.; Riderwood, MD)
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Multivariate logistic regression analysis showed that the findings significantly associated with SSBO were body temperature [greater than or equal to] 38.0[degrees]C, peritoneal irritation sign, WBC (x10^9/L) > 10.0, and CT: thick-walled small bowel [greater than or equal to] 3 mm and ascites (Figure 1).
A New Prediction Model for SSBO. This prediction model was developed by logarithmically transforming each selected variable and multiplying by 100 (Y =100 x log X, where Y is ...
Prompt diagnosis of SSBO and surgical intervention are important to avoid serious complications, such as perforation, sepsis, and death [6].
Animal experiments showed that CRP levels were associated with the severity of bacterial translocation in acute intestinal obstruction but did not distinguish between simple SBO and SSBO [5].
Another study showed that the D-dimer level was neither sensitive nor specific in predicting SSBO [14].
CT scans for diagnosis of SSBO have been studied for many years.
Therefore, we incorporated these five variables into a score that can be used as a new model for predicting SSBO.
Patients with score [greater than or equal to] 299 had a 100 percent risk for SSBO. A score of at least 132.5 predicted SSBO with a sensitivity of 85.5% and specificity of 88.4%, with an AUC of 0.935.
However, they could not develop a multivariable model for these patients with strangulated SBO because there were too few patients with SSBO to support more than one feature in a model.
In order to improve the diagnosis of SSBO, this score can also be combined with other laboratory makers, such as C-reactive protein, and I-FABP, if the condition permits.
Relationship between the presence of volvulus on CT and SSBO needs further research.
Body temperature [greater than or equal to] 38.0[degrees]C, positive peritoneal irritation sign, WBCcount > 10.0 x 10^9/L, thick-walled small bowel [greater than or equal to]3 mm, and ascites were the main risk factors for SSBO. Our prediction model is a good predictive model and can help in evaluating the severity of SBO and monitoring the evolution of a patient's condition after admission, allowing for the appropriate management of SBO.