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Caption: Figure 5--physical properties of sSBR compounds, normalized to 100 phr sSBR compounds
(A5) Studies on novel functionalized SSBR and different types of silica-silane systems on model tire tread compounds properties.
(38) Functionalized SSBR: A key component for fuel efficient tires.
The three non-oil-extended elastomers involved included a solution styrene butadiene (sSBR), Lanxess' Buna VSL 4526-0 HM (vinyl content: 44.5%; styrene content: 26%; Mooney viscosity (ML [1+4] 100[degrees]C): 65; Tg -22[degrees]C), a polybutadiene (BR), Goodyear's Budene 1207 (vinyl content: 1.5%; cis 1,4 content 98%; Mooney viscosity (ML [1+4] 100[degrees]C): 55; Tg - 104[degrees]C), and a natural rubber (NR), SMR L (primarily cis-1,4-polyisoprene; Tg ~ -70[degrees]C).
In passenger car tire treads, high-cis polybutadiene rubber (HCBR) is usually added to SSBR as a second major component.
SSBR (SSBR5025) and BR (BR-CB24) were purchased from Germany Lanxess Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
In our TSR business unit, we work intensively to develop new synthetic rubber types, especially BRs and SSBRs, and functionalization technologies to deliver state-of-the-art materials to our customers.
Ltd., South Korea; SSBR (SSBR-3323) was obtained from LG Chem, South Korea; and BR (BR-1208), carbon black N550 (with the specific surface of 95-105 [m.sup.2]/g), and CORAX N330 (iodine adsorption 8.8 g/kg) were supplied by Infochems, South Korea.
The innovations include two innovative SSBR product developments: Buna FX 3234A-2HM and Buna VSL 3038-2HM.
According to the findings, which are based on the opinions of decision-makers from the marketing and development departments of 32 tyre manufacturers from around the world, this will mean improved high-performance solution styrene-butadiene rubber grades (SSBR) as well as Nd-PBR (Neodymium based Performance Butadiene Rubber) will be sought after, meaning the industry will be looking to work closely with highly specialised synthetic rubber manufacturers.
Styron has announced that it has begun building a new SSBR (solution styrene butadiene rubber) production line; the company says it will create an additional capacity of 50,000 metric tons at the production facility in Schkopau, Germany, "and will allow Styron to help customers around the world meet the increasing demand for high-performance tires." The company adds, "The new production train will be built alongside existing trains and is expected to be fully operational by [the fourth quarter of] 2012.
Sales of car tyres worldwide were USD140 billion in 2010(1), which is the largest user of SSBR today, especially for high gear radials.