SSCFSri Shankara Cancer Foundation (Milpitas, CA)
SSCFSocial Semantic Collaborative Filtering
SSCFService Specific Coordination Function (B-ISDN/ATM)
SSCFSafer and Stronger Communities Fund (UK)
SSCFSenior Service College Fellowship (US military)
SSCFStandish Skilled Care Facility (Michigan)
SSCFSouth Shore Christian Fellowship (Honolulu, Hawaii)
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The comparisons between percentages of exclusive breastfeeding of three groups (SSCM, SSCF, and NM_NF SSC) were carried out three times that were taken into account (T0, 3 months, and 6 months).
Morozov, "Buckling of the SSCF rectangular orthotropic plate subjected to linearly varying in-plane loading," Composite Structures, vol.
In these circumstances SSCF can play a pivotal role in financing growth companies."
To bring the sustainability of biofuel, the major areas that require extensive efforts to achieve an economically viable ethanol production process includes (i) increased hydrolysis of carbohydrate polymers, (ii) increased cellulase titer and less loading, (iii) incorporation of CBP and SSCF technologies for increased ethanol titer from pentoses and hexoses utilizing sugars, (v) integration of the ethanol production process with other processes, (vi) removal of the detoxification step and the requirement for robust microorganisms and (vii) by-product utilization, and improving ethanol recovery from fermented aqueous sugar solutions.
Also, the special part of the SSCF will provide pounds 2.1m for three of the local councils.
SSCF's legal counsel worked closely with the coop's local counsel.
That same year, after hurricane George devastated his island, he sent food, water, and help to rebuild homes and created the Sammy Sosa Charitable Foundation (SSCF) to raise funds to help the poor children in Chicago and the Dominican Republic.
Standard's SSCF stainless steel h e a t exchangers are designed to provide a low cost a n d dependable solution to your process fluid temperature control problems.
The Model SSCF for cooling corrosive fluids is available in one-, two-, and four-pass versions with heat transfer surfaces from 1.2-576 sq ft.
Walmart is also collaborating with HSBC in its Sustainable Supply Chain Finance (SSCF) program, which launched today.
The SSCF program provides leadership and acquisition training and has an excellent mentoring program.
Otra alternativa para aumentar la conversion de biomasa consiste en incluir la fermentacion de pentosas en la SSF, lo que se ha denominado sacarificacion y co-fermentacion simultaneas (SSCF por sus siglas en ingles; Figura 3).