SSCGSpread Spectrum Clock Generation
SSCGSaveza Sindikata Crne Gore (Serbian: Federation of Trade Unions of Montenegro)
SSCGSingle-Surface Corrugated Guide
SSCGStrategic Sourcing Coordination Group
SSCGSierra Sports Car Group
SSCGSensitive Skin Cleansing Gel (beauty product)
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The SLG4421 is a 1x multiplier SSCG featuring the industry's widest frequency range of 24 MHz to 200 MHz, lowest current consumption and FrequencyAware(TM) capability.
The SLG4421 met both these challenges making it a unique SSCG.
SSCGs are devices that reduce EMI radiation by spreading clock energy by a fixed amount.
The SLG4421 represents a significant advancement in SSCGs.
25% SSCG with a power down mode and features both a spread spectrum output and a non-spread spectrum reference output.
The SLG431x and SLG4318 are SSCGs that offers lowest power consumption and the lowest jitter in the industry.
SSCGs design challenges are maintaining a symmetrical spread profile while generating less jitter and consuming less power.
By utilizing SSCG, EMI can be reduced by up to 15 dB in the critical frequency bands deterministically, thereby reducing engineering iterations to ensure EMI compliancy considerably.
In an effort to provide a complete SSCG solution, Cypress also announced the availability of a programming kit (CY3672-PRG) as well as a socket-adaptor (CY3690/91) to accompany the CY25100SC and CY25100ZC.
The CY3690/91 socket adapter rounds out the complete SSCG solution providing designers with the ability to program the chip right at their desktop.
Cypress is the only company to offer field-programmable SSCGs, enabling the designer to adjust the programmable input clock frequencies and modulation amount (spread percent) to reduce EMI levels with ease.
Examples of products which would benefit from IMI's SSCGs include CPU and uC-based digital systems, laser printers, digital copiers, multi-function products, CD-ROMs, disk drives and automotive applications.