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SSCISocial Sciences Citation Index (Thompson Scientific)
SSCISenate Select Committee on Intelligence
SSCISteel Service Center Institute (Cleveland, Ohio)
SSCISelf Service Check-In
SSCIScientific Systems Co. Inc.
SSCISunbelt Systems Concepts, Inc.
SSCISystem Sustainment Communications Improvements
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The number of publication outputs generated by British occupational therapy authors during the 1991-2015 period that were listed in the SCI-Expanded or the SSCI was 680 journal articles.
To further validate the MAG score, correlation analysis of the top 100 MAG score journals was undertaken against the SSCI and Scopus indices (Fam et al.
This study takes a meta-analysis approach to systematically review the literature of 144 studies based on the articles published in six major SSCI journals included JCAL, Computer in Human Behavior (CHB), BJET, JETS, and IRODL from 2003 to 2010.
The SSCI concluded that information generated through enhanced interrogation techniques did not help find senior Al Qaeda operatives, including Osama bin Laden, or thwarted terrorism plots.
Their topics include the political economy of quantitative indexes for measuring academic performance, impacts of the "I" idolization from the perspective of humanities and social sciences faculty in Taiwan, reflections from the SSCI and its influence on education research in Taiwan, a rupture point in the discourse of Taiwanese "new higher education," and whether higher education has lost its soul.
The focus of the study was 189 research papers published between 2009-2013 years in journals indexed in SSCI (94) and the ULAKBIM (95) database in Turkey.
De acuerdo con estadisticas del Banco Mundial, Colombia gasta en actividades de CT+I solo un 0,18% del PIB nacional, es pues por logica que tiene un sistema editorial que produce poco, (6,18 articulos referenciados en SCI y en el SSCI por cien mil habitantes a un costo aproximado de 9.
On top of this comes the revelation that the CIA may have tortured suspected terrorists, and that it may have been spying on the SSCI, the Senate panel responsible for maintaining a check against improper intelligence operations.
Para la seleccion de documentos de Comunicacion se han utilizado las bases de datos SSCI y A&HCI que contienen documentos en revistas de sociales y humanidades desde 1956 y 1975 respectivamente.
We are working for our efforts to prepare for the inclusion of the JITIM in SSCI list.
The SSCI report acknowledged: "The Intelligence Community's elimination of the caveats from the unclassified White Paper misrepresented their judgments to the public which did not have access to the classified National Intelligence Estimate containing the more carefully worded assessments.