SSCLSocial Science Computing Laboratory
SSCLStrategies for Success in Construction Lending
SSCLSuperconducting Super Collider Laboratory (Dallas, TX)
SSCLSaturday School of Community Languages (est. 1978; Australia)
SSCLSuperconducting Supercollider
SSCLSpace Systems and Controls Lab
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This retrospective study assessed the compliance, completeness, obstacles to effective use, and outcome of the implementation of the SSCL on patient's safety in the two hospitals over seven years.
The SSCL iCentre also introduced a new innovative learning space called the inCubator.
Jenny Kenny, lead rep and assistant secretary of the MoJ Cheshire and Merseyside PCS branch, said SSCL had already made 50% job cuts, closed three offices and moved 200 roles to India.
SSCL is a venture between the Government and French firm Steria, which is farming much of the work to India.
Monica Owen, the head of communications at SSCL, said its Civil Service Reform Plan was designed to harness industry best practice and deliver government back office functions "more efficiently".
In this volatile time of radical change in the residential market, the SSCL Seminar will deal realistically with the fluctuating existing home prices and new home starts.
As an inviting incentive, this year's SSCL Seminar is offering several specials including signing up a new attendee and receiving half off the original registration fee, as well as a corporate special which admits the third attendee for free with the sign up of two additional people from the same company.
A major factor impacting third quarter 1994 gross margin relates to the recording of $950,000 of reserves for certain product warranty and contract performance issues and the partial write-down of the SSCL receivable.
The seven- year term loan will be utilized to fund the acquisition of a pure car truck carrier (PCTC) vessel that is one of the two vessels pending for delivery to SSCL.
SSCL is being established, pursuant to the Government~s Next Generation Shared Services Strategic Plan http://www.
The contract s verification indicates around 1,200 team formerly operating in delivery centers for the Department for Work and Pensions, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and the Environment Agency moved to SSCL.
SSCL is an JV between Steria (75%) and the Government (25%).