SSCMSociety for Seventeenth Century Music
SSCMSite-Specific Crop Management (agriculture)
SSCMServants of the Holy Heart of Mary (religious order)
SSCMSociety of Critical Care Medicine
SSCMSimultaneous Source Control Managers
SSCMSpace Station Change Memo
SSCMStrategic Supply Chain Manager
SSCMSurround Source Code Management (software)
SSCMSpacecraft Scheduling and Command Management
SSCMStandard Squirrel Cage Motor
SSCMSplit Spinal Cord Malformation
SSCMSwisssign Smart Certificate Management (SwissSign)
SSCMSolar System Centre of Mass (astronomy)
SSCMSoftware Support Cost Model
SSCMSQL (Structured Query Language) Server Configuration Manager (software)
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In addition, Seuring and Muller (2008b) point out that although the conceptual research and theoretical aspects of SSCM has grown in recent years, research on what is actually being done by the organizations is still scarce.
Despite academic and real-world interest in SSCM and suppliers' SRCs, true sustainability is lacking in modern supply chains (Pagell & Shevchenko, 2014).
Por otra parte, Kathawala y Abdou (2003) senalan que los aspectos que debe promover el SSCM son:
30, respectively, which indicates that the use of the SSCM is justified.
McIntosh and her colleagues measured adherence with a modified version of the Collaborative Study Psychotherapy Rating Scale, which had 28 items unique to IPT, 27 unique to CBT, and 3 unique to SSCM.
SSCM is expected to achieve full production in 2003 with a monthly output of 30,000 wafers.
Although both the UFA and the SSCM use an acceleration as the fluid driving force.
Over the years, the sustainable supply chain management (SSCM) literature has evolved to conceptualize sustainability-related interactions between buyers and suppliers as monitoring (or control) and collaboration practices in the supply chain (Parmigiani, Klassen & Russo, 2011); however, this vision of SSCM falls short of the array of strategies described above and poorly explains how they can be linked to supplier sustainability risk.
The authors also thank colleagues and collaborators who have contributed to the development of this work and SSCM Northern Sdn.
The taxpayer indicated it would treat such costs of its engineering and procurement departments as MSC for SSCM purposes.
As the aftermarket opportunity increases, we believe that the right degree of investment, hacked by a coherent overall strategy for SSCM, is critical to maintaining or improving Financial performance.
TOKYO -- ALPS (Pink Sheets: APELY) has developed the SSCM series of highly versatile, high-contact-reliability two-way detection switches.