SSCNSocietà Sportiva Calcio Napoli (Italian sport society)
SSCNScottish Stem Cell Network (Edinburgh, Scotland)
SSCNSaskatchewan Surgical Care Network (Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada)
SSCNSwiss Stem Cells Network
SSCNSamenwerkende Slotrace Clubs Nederland (Dutch)
SSCNSymmetrical Super-Condensed Node
SSCNSocial Security Claim Number
SSCNSchlittenhunde Sportclub Niedersachsen (German dog club)
SSCNSport for Social Change Network
SSCNSPAWAR Systems Center Norfolk
SSCNSpace Station Change Notice
SSCNSecure Survivable Communications Network
SSCNSafe, Sane, and Consensual Network
SSCNSmart Sensor Communications Network (US Army)
SSCNSurvivable Secure Communications Network (AN/USC-28 or AN/USC-38)
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In June 2005, SSCN became certified, through the Software Technology Support Center, as a Capability Maturity Model (CMM) Level 3 organization and instituted other metrics for measuring customer satisfaction with the products it delivers to the fleet.
Bachmann congratulated Pry for improving fleet satisfaction and on SSCN's role as a trusted agent in serving its customers.
SSCN provides global "cradle-to-grave" software support and engineering for fleet standard automated information systems, afloat and ashore.
SSCN systems are on Navy ships, submarines and aircraft, and in supply centers and medical facilities.
Pry thanked SSCN personnel, SSCN Executive Officer Capt.
In conclusion, Pry talked about the synergy created between SSCN, Team SPAWAR and SSCN customers, such as Fleet Forces Command, Naval Supply Systems Command and the medical community.
"In the dynamic, complex environment that SSCN operates in, not only must you be sound internally from an organizational standpoint but managing external activities and factors are equally as important.