SSCQESingle Stimulus Continuous Quality Evaluation
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As presented in Table 3, the focus of all these methods, except SSCQE, is to assess the effects of spatial degradation, because they consider a video length around 10 seconds.
As stated before, the SSCQE methodology is indicated for longer videos.
Parameters of Video Quality Assessment Methods Methods Video Explicit Hidden Simultaneous Continuous Length Reference RefeRence Stimuli Quality (s) Scale DSIS 10 Yes No No No DSCQS 10 No Yes No No SSCQE 300 No No No Yes SDSCE 10 No No Yes Yes SAMVIQ 10 Yes Yes No No ACR 10 No No No No ACR-HR 10 No Yes No No DCR 10 Yes No No No PC 10 No No No No Table 4.