SSDASector Skills Development Agency (Great Britain)
SSDASocial Science Data Archives (Australian National University, now ASSDA)
SSDAService Station Dealers of America
SSDASynchronous Serial Data Adapter
SSDASwedish Securities Dealers Association
SSDASouthland Sled Dog Association (Invercargill, New Zealand)
SSDAService Station Dealers Association
SSDASaskatchewan Stock Dog Association (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada)
SSDASocial Service Departments Activity (UK)
SSDASolid-State Driver Amplifier
SSDASingle-Stage Distributed Amplifier
SSDAStack Sequential Decoding Algorithm
SSDASocial Security Disability Act
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It should be noted, of course, that the SSDA was enacted before the Supreme Court's description of [section] 405(g) in Hudson.
They work together as the Skills for Business Network under the umbrella of the SSDA.
15) SSDA to PM, 13 and 19 September 1935, A981, ABY 46, 29 October 1935, A981, ABY 35, part 1, 6 November 1935, A981, ABY 46, SSDA to PM, 23 and 24 December 1935, A981, ABY 46 and A981, ABY 35, part 1, AA.
The UN children fund (UNICEF), in a press statement, said a group of 280 children was released by SSDA on Tuesday in Gumuruk county.
Mortimer then went on to outline the challenges the SSDA had faced in setting up the WWSPI, including getting employers to match funding for training and to engage with the projects, ensuring women received quality training that would have a positive impact on their lives and careers, ensuring the projects were addressing genuine skill shortages within the sectors, and weren't displacing other funding, and ensuring that the WWSPI wasn't funding projects that would have happened without its support.
LIBA has shared these ideas with representatives of the Securities Industry in other European Countries, in particular with AFEI and FBF in France; ASSOSIM in Italy; and SSDA in Sweden.
SSDA chairwoman Margaret Salmon said: "We warmly welcome Sir Michael's appointment.
The SSDA is composed of a set of unique tools and methodologies, which leverage the rapid application development process through technology preservation, reliability and repeatability.
Recent research commissioned by the SSDA shows that many companies that have closed down in the past six years could still be in businesses today if they had invested in the skills of their staff.
The SSDA's primary function is to tackle skills gaps and deficiencies through the development and funding of a network of employer-led Sector Skills Councils (SSCs), known, with the SSDA, as Skills for Business.
A PROTOCOL of understanding between two key training organisations, Elwa and the Skills Development Agency was signed yesterday The agreement sets out the principles which will underpin the shared responsibility between the SSDA and the National Council - ELWa for ensuring that Wales benefits from the the various skills SSDA is the umbrella body of the current five sector skills councils covering various specific areas of industry The protocol outlines a number of areas where the two bodies will work together to help improve skill levels among Welsh workers.