SSDASector Skills Development Agency (Great Britain)
SSDASocial Science Data Archives (Australian National University, now ASSDA)
SSDAService Station Dealers of America
SSDASynchronous Serial Data Adapter
SSDASwedish Securities Dealers Association
SSDASouthland Sled Dog Association (Invercargill, New Zealand)
SSDAService Station Dealers Association
SSDASaskatchewan Stock Dog Association (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada)
SSDASocial Service Departments Activity (UK)
SSDASolid-State Driver Amplifier
SSDASingle-Stage Distributed Amplifier
SSDAStack Sequential Decoding Algorithm
SSDASocial Security Disability Act
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Similar to PIE dataset, semi-supervised learning approaches SSDA, SGDA, DFD, KTPSL, PCSDA show competitive performance.
As an example, the conventional MOL, SSDA and the modified SSDA are applied to the rectangular shape resonator.
It should be noted, of course, that the SSDA was enacted before the Supreme Court's description of [section] 405(g) in Hudson.
They work together as the Skills for Business Network under the umbrella of the SSDA.
With support from SSDA and Proskills, pilot projects are planned to start shortly, primarily involving representatives from hazardous industries such as oil and gas exploration, petrochemical processing and mining and quarrying and associated contractors.
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SSDA Chief Executive Christopher Duffsaid: ``These awards demonstrate the importance of skills and shows how people can develop new skills that open up new career paths.
If it is granted a licence from the SSDA (which is likely, as it is the only contender), it is scheduled to be operational by March 2004.
Powered by Komatsu's SSDA 16 V160 electric-controlled engine, the WA 1200-3's modulated clutch system offers adjustable travel speed, traction control and tyre specification settings for multiple applications.
SSDA, "Australian workplace industrial relations survey (AWIRS) 1989-1990: technical report and data release", Social Science Data Archives, Study No.
We were so happy to see such a great reception for Arabic children's theatre in Bahrain last year with Chaos in the Town," said SSDA co-founder and playwright Kanwal Hameed.