SSDESize-Specific Dose Estimate (medical care)
SSDESenior Software Development Engineer
SSDESurface Supplied Diving Equipment
SSDESingle-Step Data Entry
SSDESimulation Scenario Development Environment
SSDESupersimplified Desktop Application (software)
SSDEScientific Software Development Environment (parallel programming)
SSDESibilo Software Development Environment
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To compare the SSDE, [CTDI.sub.vol], quantitative and qualitative data, the paired Student's t test was utilized.
The conversion factors while calculating SSDE ranged between 1.01 and 1.40.
The mean SSDE, [CTDI.sub.vol], CNR, and SNR were compared between SECT and DECT of the chest: for patients with BMI .25 kg/[m.sub.2], SSDE was 11.8[+ or -]1.4 mGy vs.
In the current study, we demonstrated that the SSDE and [CTDI.sub.vol] were 26.8% and 26.6% lower for FKS-DECT than SECT in the chest, respectively.
The SSDE, which started with only one staff person and eventually grew to include four full-time employees, broke the project into several phases.
The SSDE decided that barium ferrite technology still met the company's needs.
Once SSDE decided to stay with barium ferrite cards, there were only two companies to consider for readers: Casi-Rusco or Securakey.
This may lead to the assumption of observing smaller variations in (f[D.sub.w]) and therefore in the SSDE values determined along the longitudinal axis.
A program was written using MATLAB in order to utilize the images in a series of processes and eventually to calculate the SSDE values for each slice.
Arithmetic mean of SSDE over the scan range: [bar.SSDE]
* Surface Supplied Diving Equipment (SSDE) Diver - Level 2 (23 February - 01 April 2015)
* Inland/Inshore Diving Supervisor (also named as Surface Supplied Diving Equipment (SSDE) Diving Supervisor) - Level 4 (13 - 17 April 2015)