SSDMSSpace Station Data Management System
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This group of forces will include specialists from various ministries, agencies and services, included into the Single State Disaster Management System (SSDMS).
Additionally, preparedness of territorial forces and equipment of the SSDMS in the constituent entities of Russia is being examined to respond to fires and protect the population.
Greater decentralization in skill planning will be ensured by institutional strengthening at the State level which includes setting up of State Skill Development Missions (SSDMs) and allowing states to come up with District and State level Skill Development Plans (DSDP/SSDP) and design skill training interventions to suit the local needs.
through ministries) and state level (i.e., through SSDMs) to ensure convergence, reduce duplication
The firm will assist in strengthening the capacity of NSDA so that it can deliver its mandate of: (i) Coordinating the skills development efforts of the government at the national level (i.e., through ministries) and state level (i.e., through SSDMs) to ensure convergence, reduce duplication of efforts, and minimize wastage of resources.
Scope of Work : (i) assist NSDA to coordinate various skills development initiatives including state skill development missions (SSDMs), the skills development programs of the various ministries, and private skills providers including National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) partners.
(iii) develop training manuals to build the capacity and institutional strength of at least 6 SSDMs. The
Through this proposed CDTA for National Skill Development Agency (NSDA), ADB will be able to engage with NSDA which has the mandate of ensuring convergence across the various national and state level skill development initiatives, and of building the capacity of SSDMs. There will therefore be significant positive synergies between the proposed CDTA and ADB's loan operations in India.