SSDRSocial Security Death Records
SSDRSouthern States Dachshund Rescue (Lewisburg, Tennessee)
SSDRSolid State Data Recorder
SSDRSealed Source and Device Registry
SSDRSubsystem Design Review
SSDRsemi-submersible drilling rig
SSDRSingle Seat Deregulation (air navigation order exemption relating to microlights)
SSDRSpecies-Specific Defensive Reaction
SSDRSingle Seat Deregulated (microlight)
SSDRSERMIS Source Data Review
SSDRSupplier Service Defect Rate (SAP)
SSDRSfiziosa Serata Danzante Records
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Many different media were used for SSDR studies (Table 1).
The ease and simplicity of the SSDR protocol lies in the fact that shoot elongation and root induction did not require separate media and induction of direct regeneration from immature leaf segment yielded a large number of plants in a short time (Gill et al.
Perhaps Lib Dem members would ask their leader Nick Clegg the following questions: Will the SSDR consider all the alternatives to "like-for-like" replacement, highlighted in the Lib Dems' review Policy Options for the Future of the UK's Nuclear Weapons?
At a time when the threats to Britain have changed dramatically, Labour wants to press ahead with a pounds 100bn nuclear weapons system designed for the Cold War and won't consider Trident in the SSDR.
So perhaps Lib-Dems would ask Nick Clegg the following: If the SSDR will consider all the alternatives highlighted in the Lib-Dems' review Policy Options for the Future of the UK's NuclearWeapons?
Early RHC intervention results were similar to early results from SSDR In addition to having an effect on a similar scale of early problem behavior, the RHC intervention also increased teacher report of school commitment, social and cognitive competence, and academic performance.
Both SSDR and SSBR can be problematic if the keys are not uniformly distributed, because the time needed for a communication step depends on the length of the longest message transferred.
On the Paragon, SSBR was more efficient than SSDR for all measured data points due to its smaller number of startups.
The present analysis examines the possible strategies and tactics the NIF/NCP may deploy in this effort, and the various indications that a decision has in fact already been made to abort the SSDR.
Products/Services: Avalon's latest offerings include a very portable (less than 20 pounds) 50 MHz analog recorder and the new SSDR (Scalable Sigint Disk Recorder) capable of recording up to 200 MHz.
Tender notice number : CEC/JD(H/W)PROCURMENT OF SSDR SSD UNDER TAC 2017
com MARS-II-SB m t Model 64HE m t Model 80 ud ud SSDR ss * Pace Scientific Inc.