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SSDSSQL Server Data Services
SSDSShip Self Defense System
SSDSSudden Sniffing Death Syndrome
SSDSSpace Science Data System (NASA)
SSDSSecure Software Distribution System
SSDSSexual Self-Disclosure Scale
SSDSSpace Station Data System
SSDSSingle-Ship Deep-Sweep
SSDSSelf Service Development System
SSDSSilo Self Defense System
SSDSSensor Surveillance Data System
SSDSSupply System Design Specification
SSDSSoftware System Development Specification
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Table-1: Correlation between the scores on HRSD and SSDS for patients with depression (n= 47) and matched group ( n= 36).
Table-2: Difference between mean scores on SSDS obtained by patients with depression and matched group.
Table-3: Sensitivity Index and Positive Predictive Value of SSDS and HRSD for Depressed group (n=47)
Table-4: Specificity Index and Negative Predictive Value of SSDS and HRSD (n=36).
The psychiatrist evaluated them on HRSD and then participants filled the SSDS.
Our findings demonstrate that SSDS correlates well with the clinician's assessment of depression and has significant sensitivity (.
76) of SSDS could also be due to depression being a continuous variable and may reflect it's presence at subclinical level.
The items of SSDS reflect impact of culture in expression of symptoms (e.
This understanding resulted in generating an indigenous item pool for SSDS tapping the cultural beliefs and values in expressing symptoms pertaining to somatic, cognitive and affective attributes of depression5; providing items that are easier to understand and familiar to patient experience.
Following the FOT phase at Raytheon's San Diego facility, SSDS Mk 2 will be turned over to the Navy for combat-system-integration testing (CSIT) at the service's Integrated Combat System Test Facility in San Diego, and for developmental testing at the Wallops Island Test Facility.
Improvements to the SSDS have become critical since the Navy's cancellation of its next-generation EW self-protection system, the Advanced Integrated EW System (AIEWS), which was officially terminated in May 2002 (see "AIEWS Cancelled," JED June 2002, p.
SSDS is a joint venture company formed in 1993 between two global service support companies: Serco - an international service company that improves services by managing people, processes, technology and assets more effectively and Sodexo - a world leader in comprehensive onsite service and motivation solutions.