SSE-CMMSystems Security Engineering Capability Maturity Model
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The SSE-CMM is an international standard that describes the essential characteristics required for the success of an organization's security engineering program.
In 1999, CSC's security team became the first global business organization to attain an independent, third-party Level 3 appraisal against SSE-CMM standards.
Since its inception in July 2001, the Eagle Alliance has implemented systems security engineering in accordance with SSE-CMM requirements to ensure the security of its information technology (IT) systems.
CSC achieved a level 3, third party SSE-CMM rating profile in nine specific areas which measure an organization's capability to perform information security assessment functions," said Ronald B.
SSE-CMM is a joint government-industry initiative to identify security engineering "best practices" and a way to measure their use as an indicator of an organization's ability to perform effective and reliable system security engineering.