SSEGSmall Scale Embedded Generation (energy)
SSEGScottish Solar Energy Group (UK)
SSEGScarborough Special Events Group (North Yorkshire, England, UK)
SSEGSouthern Star Energy, Inc (stock symbol)
SSEGSimilarly Situated Employee Group (business)
SSEGSource Selection Evaluation Guide (US GAO)
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Fields of the RREQ packet Fields Descriptions ReqId Unique route request sequence number SrcId Address of the source node DstId Address of the destination node m[E.sub.res] Minimum residual nodal energy in a route RouteSeq List of the address of nodes from the source to the current traversed node W Bandwidth requirement at each link FSeg Array of free communication segments (channel-timeslots) for a node SSeg List of the selected communication segments from the source to the current traversed node HC Hop counter TTL The limitation of hop-length of the search path Table 3.
With the aid of sseg information, VLB reconstructor algorithm rearranges bits in FLS to original variable length bitstreams.
The effectors SseF and SseG regulate the SCV's juxtanuclear position near the Golgi apparatus.
Sseg "The boss Ricky Sbragia said he would guarantee everybody at least some game time and I was just ecstatic after he said that.