SSEISoftware Systems Engineering Initiative (UK)
SSEISensor Science, Engineering and Informatics (Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship; University of Maine; Orono, ME)
SSEISystem of Systems Engineering and Integration
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Table 5 reports SSEI for two-earner households in which the wife's PIA is 25, or 50 percent of that of her husband, with the base case of a single-earner couple again shown for comparison.
Table 6 reports SSEI for less patient households and those whose mortality differs from the population average, again with our base case shown for comparison.
The remaining panels show SSEI for couples in high- and low-mortality socioeconomic groups, assuming a 3 percent discount rate.
SSEI varies with socioeconomic status, but not by large amounts.
05 TABLE 3 Intercorrelations Between Total SSEI Scores and All Subscale Scores Subscale M SD 1 2 3 1.