SSENSelf-Service Engine (est. 2011; UK)
SSENSocial and Sustainable Enterprise Network (Institute of Small Business and Entrepreneurship; UK)
SSENSakhi Social Enterprise Network (India)
SSENSpanish Speaking Education Network (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
SSENScottish Schools Ethos Network
SSENSelf-Storage Education Network
SSENStirling Social Enterprise Network (UK)
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The funding will see SSEN and SP Energy Networks trial projects to widen access to electric vehicle charging networks and provide the electricity infrastructure needed to support it.
Among the work to be carried out in the project, SSEN will examine the required electricity network infrastructure needed for the north of Scotland - as well as identifying and mapping out charging points to go along the route of the A9.
"As farmers and their teams work long hours to complete this year's harvest, we want to ensure they're armed with the knowledge they need to stay safe near overhead power lines that may run across their land," said SSEN director of customer operations, Dale Cargill.
The 10 million investment programme, over the next two years, will see new electrical equipment installed across the city, including innovative devices to restore power to SSENs customers should faults occur.
Michael Hilferty, pictured, head of region for North Caledonia at SSEN, said: "This programme of investment across Aberdeen will ensure local communities continue to receive the power they need, both now and in the future.
A spokeswoman for SSEN said: "Initial investigations have confirmed that yesterday morning's power cut was caused by material related to the demolition of Didcot Power Station striking our overhead electricity network.
SSEN Transmission's Managing Director Rob McDonald commented: "Our network already supports over six gigawatts of renewable generation and continued investment in the electricity transmission system is key to unlocking the further potential the north of Scotland can play in meeting governments' targets for net zero greenhouse gas emissions.
An SSEN spokesman apologised and said: "We are doing everything we can to get the power back on."
It was later confirmed by Scottish and Southern Energy Newtorks (SSEN) that the cables brought down by the collision were BT cables and not power cables.
Five children, whose mothers are bringing the case on their behalf, are challenging Surrey County Council's decision to reduce its Schools and Special Educational Needs (SSEN) budget.
'We began the last year with the resolve to lethe ssen daunting backlog of cases faced by the apex court,' he said while placing the number of pending cases at the start of the previous judicial year at 37, 000 out of which the top court had decided 19, 000 cases.