SSESStockholm School of Entrepreneurship (Stockholm, Sweden)
SSESStabilitrak Stability Enhancement System
SSESSewer System Evaluation Survey
SSESSouth Shore Elder Services, Inc. (Braintree, MA)
SSESShamrock Springs Elementary School (Westfield, IN)
SSESSusquehanna Steam Electric Station
SSESSanitary Sewer Evaluation Survey
SSESSchool of Sport and Exercise Sciences (UK)
SSESSamuel Staples Elementary School (Easton, Connecticut)
SSESShips Signal Exploitation Space
SSESShip System Engineering Station
SSESSuite of Survivability Enhancement Systems (US Army)
SSESSurface Ship Engineering Site
SSESSpecial Signals Exploitation System
SSESSecret Society of Executive Secretaries (Dilbert comic)
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However, I worked hard till, indeed, my strength was almost exhausted, and kept my boat as much to the northward, that is, towards the side of the current which the eddy lay on, as possibly I could; when about noon, as the sun passed the meridian, I thought I felt a little breeze of wind in my face, springing up from SSE. This cheered my heart a little, and especially when, in about half- an-hour more, it blew a pretty gentle gale.
The sale is in line with SSEs strategy to create value from development and operation of renewable assets and recycle capital in the right opportunities.
The potential sale of stakes in Stronelairg and Dunmaglass is in line with SSEs strategy to create value from developing and operating assets, as well as owning them.
To celebrate the inaugural Green GB week we turned The SSE Hydro green last night to mark the countrys march to cleaner energy.
Commenting on the publication, Alistair Phillips-Davies, Chief Executive of SSE plc, said:
Martin Pibworth, SSEs Wholesale Director, said: The Seagreen acquisition aligns with SSEs ambition to create value from owning, operating and developing clean energy assets and infrastructure.
The Glendronach discovery is operated by Total E&P UK with a 60% interest alongside partners Ineos E&P UK Limited (20%) and SSE E&P UK Limited (20%).
SSE and EDF appealed to the CMA (Competition and Markets Authority) after Ofgem decided to reject their request to modify industry rules.
SSE has been awarded the Fair Tax Mark for the fourth year in a row cementing its long term commitment to play fair by tax.
John Stewart, SSEs Director of Human Resources, said: In 2016 SSE became one of the first FTSE 100 companies to publish its gender pay gap, using the draft regulations available at the time.
SSEs 2016/17 community investment annual review documents every award made from SSEs 27 community benefit funds from 1 April 2016 to 31 March 2017.
Gregor Alexander, Finance Director of SSE, said: "In line with our innovative approach to financing investment and as major investor in the UK and Irelands renewable energy infrastructure, we are pleased this new issuance shows our commitment to SSEs sustainability and responsibility principles.