SSETSSpace Station Element Transportation System
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Nonfarm properties ($0.9 billion) nonresidential fixed ssets from BEA capital stock series times a rate of return on capital based on IRS tabulations of business tax returns.
Limited Tenders are invited for Purchase Of Pump Spares Suitable For 1000Gpm/500 Pump Ssets.
Some 450 people work exclusively for the Groupe at these centers, producing digital a ssets that are mainly destined for North American and European markets.
In addition to the sale of Arlington - which had been widely expected - BAe has entered into a development agreement for its former Hatfield manufacturing site north of London to enable the possible further release of value from non-operating property a ssets.
ln GINIt = [alpha]2 + [beta]10 ln SSEt + [beta]11 ln MIIt + [beta]12 ln PCIt + [beta]13 lnURBt + [beta]14 ln FLFt + u2t (3)
Descriptive statistics SHFLO CASHTOA SSET Mean 167217 0.032063 Median 172555 0.035155 Maximum 187196 0.043735 Minimum 128661 0.012729 Std.
An sset management firm has urged investors in the Middle East to recognize the long- term investment opportunities in China, despite the country's cooling economy.
Clearly, the Port of Beirut is a strategic a sset -- it is Lebanon's maritime transport hub, the point of entry for a great majority of Lebanon's consumables and raw materials, as well as the site of export for most of the goods produced here, with major implications for the nation's economy.
Dema nd fo r A sset Management services has also seen strong growth as customers look to Microlease to help them improve the utilisation on their assets.
Description: This session is a case history using sewer scanner and evaluation technology (SSET) at an industrial manufacturing facility.
Table 2 shows that nonusers have higher loan to a sset ratios than users.