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THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING MORRISSEY C4 Sunday 11.15pm IF ever an artist deserved a South Bank Show special it was former Smiths misery-in-chief Mo r r ssey.
ssey's ability is undoubted and Toshack eviously stuck by the youngster when thy has left him out and low on confideant It's me caps ha Myhill really m His ex role doe the vast majority of Myhill's nine ave come in friendlies - games in which has impressed, albeit when it hasn't mattered.
Firth will next play the artist Vermeer in Girl with a Pearl Earing, which he filmed last year in Luxembourg with his fellow British actor and close friend David Morr i ssey.
And Les Dennis has admitted he only became a contestant in an attempt to lose the ``poor Les'' tag he gained after his actress wife Amanda Holden had an affair with Neil Morr i ssey.