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SSFCStudent Services Finance Committee
SSFCShip Service Fuel Cell
SSFCSolid State Frequency Changer
SSFCState Street Financial Center (Boston, MA)
SSFCSevere Storms Forecast Center
SSFCSurface-to-Surface Fire Control
SSFCSouth Side Football Club (Chicago, IL)
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Another SSFC officer said they spend majority of their time on roads confronting saboteurs, who hurl homemade firebombs and block roads with burning tyres I even during Iftar time.
(86) Others have argued that the mere prospect that Lehman's failure could have devastating effects on the economy was a self-fulfilling prophecy, noting that the combination of this fear, along with other bank and SSFC failures, were actually all factors to blame, rather than the bankruptcy system itself.
South Street Financial Corporation (OTCBB: SSFC) is the holding company for Albemarle, North Carolina-based Home Savings Bank of Albemarle Inc SSB.
The award funds a proof-of-concept land-based demonstration of a carbonate SSFC power plant that will operate at much greater efficiencies than the Navy's traditional power plants, such as diesel generators.
The availability and stability within the SSFC SAN is of critical importance-server outage could cause extreme business and financial impacts to State Street.
Altar three years in the BES Program at York, students can apply to the Joint Program in Ecosystem Management (JPEM) at SSFC. JPEM students can begin either at York or SSFC.
Fisher (1991: 102) observes that "the Programme had been remarkably successful over the years since it was first established." He notes that by 1983 it, together SSFC, CFH, and SSHRC, had assisted the production of 1,128 books.
The impact of the competition has created a global reach and garnered intense local interest, attracting more than 3,000 submissions from all over the world and over 200 entries from within Pakistan making SSFC the biggest film competition of the country.
The abundant seas of these mid-ocean islands have always attracted Big Game Fishing amateurs, but now the Seychelles Sports Fishing Club (SSFC) is making the sport an affair set to attract more and more professionals who follow such competitions around the world.
Only last night I saw a SSFC cruiser in the fast lane going a speed of 100 to 110kmph, followed by a car flashing it's hi beams at the SSFC, forcing them to move over.
Division One: Heygarth United 2 St John's Celtic 5 (RichieOwen 2,D Rodrigues 2,D Ward); Parkside 3 (Phil Rowlands, Mick Whitley, Chris Pitfield) Higher Bebington RBL 1; Young Lions 2 Stirrup SSFC 2 (M Beattie,N Kyriazia).
York University / Sir Sandford Fleming College (SSFC) (JP)