SSFESequential Supercritical Fluid Extraction
SSFESerious Sam the First Encounter (video game)
SSFEScottish School of Further Education (UK)
SSFESocial Studies Field Experience (high school vocational class)
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Both Kirchhoff-Love shell theory and N-T shell theory are computed using SSFE model and the respective results are analysed, compared with DKT12 and DKT18 proposed in [21] and SFE3 [22] then commented.
These results show predicting ability of SSFE finite element based on N-T's model.
The convergence of SSFE has been clearly established and this element uses 12 degrees of freedom per triangular element which is robust and less greedy (in terms of memory) than DKT12, DKT18, and SFE that are based on the Kirchhoff-Love (thin shells) and Reissner-Mindlin (thick shells) approaches which neglect the third fundamental form in their shell kinematic equations [23].
The finite element SSFE using the PPR method for the spherical shell described in this paper for [C.sup.0] finite element triangularization has given accurate results and is skilled to design thicker shells.