SSFHSSisters of St. Francis Health Services, Inc. (Mishawaka, IN)
SSFHSSouth San Francisco High School (San Francisco, CA)
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In addition AT&T companies will provide nationwide voice and video conferencing services to all SSFHS hospitals and major locations.
SSFHS gained access to instant letters and reports, reducing the number of FTEs needed to complete various credentialing tasks and providing better tracking of expiration dates.
SSFHS chose to work with Zynx Health in March 2007.
SSFHS owns and operates 12 hospitals along the I-65 corridor between Chicago and Indianapolis.
SSFHS is one of the largest healthcare systems in Indiana.
Additionally, SSFHS holds either the number one or number two market positions in each of its markets.
Fitch's Stable Outlook reflects SSFHS' strong management team and a belief that SSFHS will maintain its solid operating performance.
We have several facilities with extensive cardiac programs, some of which are expanding, and two that are creating entirely new state-of-the-art programs for cardiac services," explains William Laker, vice president and CIO of Alverno Information Services, the division of SSFHS that handles the organization's information technology.
The Stable Outlook reflects Fitch's expectation that SSFHS will post operating margins at or near 2% in the short term.
In May of 2001, SSFHS executed a 20-year basis swap for a notional amount of $145 million to protect against rising interest rates.
Also, SSFHS has been successful to date with its acquisitions but must continue to successfully integrate new acquisitions into the system.
In addition to these facilities, SSFHS owns fifty percent of Greater Lafayette Health Services, Inc.