SSFSESingle Shot Fast Spin Echo
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The SSFSE sequence used in evaluating the pregnant patient is a common staple of MRCP examinations and an assessment of the biliary tract is inherent to the protocol, almost always captured with the large, coronal field-of-view.
When there is laminar flow in the ureter, a central, poorly defined filling defect may be seen on the SSFSE sequence (Figure 2).
T2-weighted SSFSE imaging accurately shows the biliary and pancreatic ducts, peripancreatic inflammation, pseudocysts, and other fluid collections without the administration of intravenous contrast.
2 FRFSE Axial 2500-3000/ 32 100 SSFSE Coronal [infinity]/100 100+ 62.
19,20) The major advantage of SSFSE or HASTE is that the individual images are acquired in <1 second, allowing motion-free images in patients, even without patient cooperation.