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The success of our SSG Series wide-temperature UPS line is driving the development of accessories and options that are rugged and can withstand large temperature swings.
9th: Team 37--CPT Derrick Anderson / SSG Christopher Malone, 3rd Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard)
At the Federal level, SSG will support parliamentarians and government officials to deliberate on, amend, draft, and enact key pieces of legislation necessary to deliver the Vision 2016 agenda, and will support key institutions created to manage these processes, such as the National Independent Elections Commission.
My gunner opened fire with the [M-240b machine gun]," SSG Hamilton said.
The Secure Strategy Group has been very successful in establishing the key introductions that have generated major contracts for SSG solution center technology providers.
5kVA to 3kVA 220Vac SSG Series models are true double-conversion on-line UPSs, which are designed to give users the highest level of protection against a wide spectrum of power problems.
I can't express enough how impressed I was, both with the design and quality of the equipment recommended by SSG and the professional nature of the installation," said Captain Robert L.
Providing access to Black Diamond's web-based platform will arm our advisors with an industry leading, premium performance reporting solution that will enable them to enhance client service, improve productivity and scalability as they grow," said Peter Mangan, CEO and President of SSG.
Talking to media men while visiting Jalozai camp with a delegation of OIC, the Incharge SSG said that Pakistan needed Rs.
com) an award-winning manufacturer of Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) and exhibitor at this week's Milcom 2009 expo (booth #223) today announced a new long-life battery in its SSG Series(TM)Industrial-Grade UPS Plus[R] product line.
SSG has always offered a breadth of video solutions and with the addition of this focused team broadcasters, independent videographers, and PEG access facilities can rely on a knowledgeable group that understand their needs," said Joyce Anderson, CEO of SSG.
SSG will provide a variety of audio visual equipment to be utilized to support command and control applications.