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SSGStaff Sergeant
SSGSpecial Services Group (Sprint)
SSGStrategic Studies Group
SSGSpecial Service Group (Pakistan Army)
SSGStock Selection Guide (NAIC)
SSGShark Specialist Group
SSGStandard Systems Group
SSGGuided Missile Submarine
SSGSpecial Study Group
SSGScientific Steering Group
SSGSärskilda Skyddsgruppen (Swedish Army Special Forces)
SSGScandinavian Sarcoma Group
SSGSuper Shotgun (Quake/gaming)
SSGSenior Steering Group
SSGSplit Skin Graft
SSGStructural Silicone Glazing (engineering)
SSGSupreme Student Government (various locations)
SSGMalabo, Equatorial Guinea - Santa Isabel (Airport Code)
SSGStudent Support Group
SSGSoil Screening Guidance (US EPA)
SSGSpace Systems Group
SSGSoftware Support Group
SSGSouthern Strategy Group
SSGSpecial Surveillance Group (FBI counter-intelligence unit)
SSGSensor Systems Group, Inc.
SSGSymbolic Stream Generator (Unisys)
SSGSimple Stochastic Game
SSGSelf-Shrinking Generator
SSGSociété de Serrurerie Générale (French: General Locksmith Company; est. 1948)
SSGSignaling Server Global (Alcatel)
SSGSvastikos Sukites Greitai (Lithuanian band)
SSGSaginaw Steering Gear
SSGStandard Specific Gravity
SSGCruise Missile Attack Submarine
SSGSalveson Stetson Group, Inc (executive search firm)
SSGSouth Shore Gunite (
SSGSociété Spéléologique Genevoise (French: Geneva Speleological Society; Switzerland)
SSGSS7 Signaling Gateway
SSGSubscriber Service Gateway
SSGStatic Synchronous Generator
SSGScientific Staffs Group
SSGSecretary to the State Governor
SSGSonority Sequencing Generalization
SSGSynthetic Signature Generator
SSGStored Serialization Graph
SSGSociété des Services Généraux (French: General Services Corporation; Tunisia)
SSGServicing Scenario Generator
SSGSecondary Sound Channel
SSGSolar Steam Generator (energy)
SSGSystem Safety/Security Group
SSGStatistical Sciences Group
SSGService Selection Gateway(s) (Cisco)
SSGSingular Shunt Ground
SSGShallow Sound Channel
SSGSwitching and Security Group (Sprint)
SSGSales and Service Group
SSGStation Support Group
SSGSignal Structure Group
SSGScienze dei Servizi Giuridici
SSGStandard Sub-Gridding
SSGSafety Siping and Grooving Co.
SSGSummit Security Group (Canada)
SSGSuper, Smashing, Great
SSGStupid Sales Guy
SSGSpecial Situations Group (various organizations)
SSGSunwin Services Group (UK)
SSGStrategic Standardization Group (est. 2008)
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Jean Nicolai, SSG president and founder, speaking about his company, said one of its popular courses was about creating synergy through people alignment and between departments.
At the Federal level, SSG will support parliamentarians and government officials to deliberate on, amend, draft, and enact key pieces of legislation necessary to deliver the Vision 2016 agenda, and will support key institutions created to manage these processes, such as the National Independent Elections Commission.
Advisor Partners, which has been an asset manager on the SSG platform for several years, offers a range of portfolio solutions, enabling advisors to serve clients with increasingly sophisticated portfolio needs.
Earlier on arrival, he was received by GOC SSG, Maj Gen Abid Rafiq.
Team 47--CPL Daniel Puckett and SSG Eric Adams--75th Ranger Regiment
The number of changes in speed (accelerations) occurring in SSG and FMs were obtained using GPS devices (MinimaxX n.
Borowski added: "The SSG plays a vital role within the marine sector and I am looking forward to taking up the position of chairman.
The Secure Services Gateway 520 and 550 platforms from Juniper Networks are available through the company's global network of reseller partners from USD6,000 for the SSG 520 and USD10,000 for the SSG 550.
Security forces recently intercepted an e-mail to the IRA which read: "The SSG recognise it is inevitable some people will turn to extreme violence against Prince William at St Andrews.
SSG measures the in-place stiffness of compacted soil at the rate of about one test per minute.
YES SSG TU Vent is designed to offer outstanding thermal performance and natural ventilation with zero exterior sightline
Both Junxure and SSG focus on providing the best in services and support for RIAs, combining Junxure's 15-year history providing CRM technology to advisors with SSG's proven track record of building and managing brokerage and custodial platforms renowned for their customer service.