SSGPSoros Supplementary Grants Program
SSGPSuper Swing Golf Pangya (video game)
SSGPSecreted Salivary Gland Protein (Hessian fly)
SSGPSocial Security Guarantee Plus (US SSA)
SSGPSleepy Secure Gateway Protocol
SSGPSteady State Genetic Programming
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it states that, given certain assumptions, an economy's growth rate will converge to its long term or SSGP when the actual amount of saving per worker equals the amount required to keep the K/L (k) constant as labour force grows.
Interpreting this over-time convergence of an economy in terms of inter-country convergence or catching up implies an interface which generally does not hold true, because the SSGP itself may be quite different between two countries as it is determined by saving rate (s), labour force growth rate (n), rate of depreciation, and total factor productivity (TFP) growth of the respective countries.
SSGP '98 also features real-time, fully controlled 3D golfers, customizable right down to hair color and plaid knickers.