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SSHSecure Shell
SSHSea Surface Height (US Navy forecasting tool)
SSHSecure Socket Shell
SSHSocial Sciences and Humanities
SSHSouth Shore Hospital (Weymouth, Massachusetts)
SSHSociety for Simulation in Healthcare (also seen as SSIH; Minneapolis, MN)
SSHSimultaneous Sample and Hold (recording)
SSHScottish Sports Horse (Scotland, UK)
SSHSmall Stakes Hold 'em (poker book)
SSHSubstantial Security Holder
SSHSharm El Sheikh, Egypt - Ophira (Airport Code)
SSHScientist SlaughterHouse (Half-Life game mod)
SSHStrategic Software Holdings
SSHSuper Sonic Hedgehog (video games)
SSHSpatial-Spectral Holography
SSHSingle Coil-Single Coil-Humbucker (electric guitars, pickup configuration)
SSHS-Band Shuttle
SSHSunshield Subsystem
SSHSensitive Systems Handbook (US DHS)
SSHScalar Spherical Harmonic
SSHSistemas y Servicios Hidráulicos (Guatemala)
SSHService Subordinate Headquarter
SSHSkate Study House (Newport Beach, CA)
SSHSeason Seat Holder
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Effective 1 March 2018, the executive management team of SSH Communications Security consists of Kaisa Olkkonen, CEO; Simo Karkkulainen, chief digital officer; Jussi Lopponen, head of PrivX Business Program and Product Management; Jussi Mononen, Business Development; Nordstrom, CFO (19 March 2018); Rami Raulas, Sales, EMEA and APAC; Markku Rossi, chief technology officer and Joe Scaff, USA Operations and Customer Services.
Attackers who gain access to SSH keys retain ongoing privileged access until the rotation of keys.
Bob has developed a solid leadership team at SSH and, as part of this team, Matt has been developed as his successor.
Squires will be leading the SSH delegation to the Dubai Cityscape as CEO in early September, the statement added.
Burning Tree, a global consulting firm specializing in security and identity management, complements SSH Communications Security's current UK distribution network with specialized capabilities to help information security companies grow their business.
Founded in 1995, SSH Communications Security is the company that invented the SSH protocol - the gold standard protocol for data-in-transit security solutions.
SSH Tectia Server for IBM z/OS is an advanced, cost-effective, secure file transfer and secure data-in-transit solution for IBM z/OS mainframes.
SSH Tectia, an enterprise-class security solution designed for large and diverse IT environments, is based on the Secure Shell technology, which gained a strong foothold in academic networks right after its introduction by Tatu Ylonen and SSH Communications Security in 1995," said Arto Vainio, CEO of SSH Communications Security Corp.
The SSH product is available immediately for Windows 98/ME/NT4.
Simple User Interface: StarNetSSH offers a simple graphics-based user interface for configuration of SSH Sessions and generating public/private key pairs.
Under these changes, the company's new executive management team now consists of Kaisa Olkkonen, CEO; Tatu Ylonen, founder, SSH Fellow; Helena Kukkonen, CFO; Markku Rossi, CTO; Chris Reilly, USA operations and global marketing; Rami Raulas, sales, EMEA and APAC and Jussi Mononen, business development.
The main objective of IMPACT-EV is to develop a permanent system of selection, monitoring, evaluation and comparison of the impact and outcomes from European SSH research, taking into account the latest quantitative and qualitative evaluation tools, identifying new ways of implementing them and exploring new standards and indicators that complement existing impact assessment processes.