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SSHASocial Science History Association
SSHASmart Systems for Health Agency (Ontario, Canada)
SSHASharp-Shinned Hawk (bird species Accipter striatus)
SSHASurvey of Study Habits and Attitudes
SSHASubsystem Hazard Analysis
SSHASystem Safety Hazard Analysis
SSHASpace System Hazard Analysis
SSHASalted Secure Hash Algorithm
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SSHA and SST images were matched with the 9-km-resolution spatial scale for chlorophyll-a concentrations.
Amicus Professional Liaison Officer for SSHA Carol English said: 'The gulf between the rhetoric of what government ministers are saying and the reality of what is happening on the frontline is enormous.
The internal consistency reliabilities of the abbreviated SSHA subscales were evaluated using coefficient alpha.
SSHA is an agency of the Ontario MOHLTC, responsible for electronically connecting health care professionals to each other and to patient information.
bartramii, as a short-lived (l-year) species, is usually aggregated in the waters with favorable ranges of SST, SSS, SSHA, and chl a.
Most recently as Managing Director of SSHA, Sam Welch not only helped grow the agency, but established it to be one of the most effective business units within the PHCG Group.
We have worked effortlessly with RR since they have applied to race the original dates scheduled at Craven" according to Glenn Le Drew, VP of the SSHA, "They are genuinely interested in the future of racing in the province and without them and their efforts, there would be an eight week gap in our race program.
Together, K-Tronik and the SSHA, including President Alvey Halbgewachs, and Vice-President Glenn LeDrew, are positioned to revitalize the once well- established harness racing community in Saskatchewan.
SSHA is an agency of the Ontario government that is transforming health care through the power of IT to improve the flow of patient information.
Using Oblix, SSHA is in a position to provide healthcare practitioners with a single user name and password to access a broad range of SSHA resources including: the Secure Email for Health, for exchanging patient information; a portal providing health news, alerts and a drug database; and a common application to securely share patient data for patients who receive care at multiple facilities.
COREid made it possible for SSHA to easily deliver a cost-effective, customized self-registration process which will manage physician access to the various systems available in our Plumtree-powered physician portal," said Linda Weaver, SSHA Chief Technology Officer.
London -- London, June 11 /PRNewswire/ -- - SSHA, a professional section of Amicus MSF the union.