SSHHSilent Students Happy Homes (Reading University Students' Union; UK)
SSHHSouth Shore Habitat for Humanity (Braintree, MA)
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SSHH: David Mohan, above right, with Evan Sladen of Vanda, and Pete McGrory, centre, of Frozen Rope, inset, one of the bands set to play acoustic for the fundraising event Main pictures by KATIE LUNN
Clarke has come through many ups and downs already in his burgeoning career, from an excellent initial breakthrough season which yielded eight goals from 12 starts to a sometimes fractious relationship with the Molineux crowd which saw him vilified for the 'sshh' gesture after scoring against Plymouth back in January.
SSHH! Say it very quietly, otherwise everyone will hear about Whisper Bay, Airlie Beach.
SSHH. There is nothing, nothing at all' no past and no present, no sounds or smells or sights, nobody to touch, just the void, and an idea that there should be a future.
Both species are highly self-fertile allotetraploids (2n = 28) with the SSHH genome constitution (Asay and Jensen, 1996).
It is interesting to note that it has given rise to a rich vocabulary, which is most instructive for assessing the lexicalization of the huchement: ochoch 'dog', ochik 'pup', huchlemek 'to excite a dog', hochmak 'to bark', uchmek 'to jump upon while barking', hicht 'dog collar', ochoch / hoch / host 'sshh, be quiet!'.
She is babysitting (sshh ain't asked her yet!!) Keep the head down and the heart up!
"Sshh! It's Moorside." The town was created during the First War to house 30,000 workers in a secret munitions factory.
Ejemplo 6 Despues dijo "sshh" (4;00) Y aca dice "!sshh!, silencio" (4;06) Despues esta diciendo "silencio".
Contract awarded for Repair Materials Sshh, Grammar School Of Men Manuel Montt / 290
Sshh, listen close and hear the sighs of a butterfly, stretching her wings.
"Sshh," he said, "not while the missus is listening."