SSHSSaffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale
SSHSSouth Side High School (Fort Wayne, Indiana)
SSHSSouth Salem High School (Salem, Oregon)
SSHSSaint Stephens High School
SSHSSouth Suburban Humane Society (Chicago Heights, IL)
SSHSSouth Spencer High School (Rockport, IN)
SSHSSouthport State High School (Queensland, Australia)
SSHSStandish Sterling High School (Michigan)
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These findings suggest us that both being a SSHS and having high scores on emotional dysregulation and inhibitedness may contribute to increase the risk of developing psychosis.
From these findings we think that these dimensions could be related to the expression of the schizotaxia in SSHS.
We don't think that all SSHS should develop clinical psychosis during the life course because of their personality profile.
Table 1 Sociodemographic characteristics of the sample groups Patients SSHS SSLS (n = 41) (n = 11) (n = 20) Mean (sd) 34.
For Olympiad preparation courses, teachers at the SSHS continually develop mathematics and science materials in accordance to Olympiad preparations.
Every year, the SSHS sends students to the International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) and other science Olympiads with astounding results.
Teachers in the SSHS continue to research one topic a year even though they are already knowledgeable in their subject areas.
In alignment with the methodology component of the Design for Results[TM] framework, a self-study checklist (see Table 1) was designed for SSHS grantees as a tool for assessing the status of progress toward the goal of sustainability.
In the SSHS Toolkit for Sustaining Progress (Safe Schools/Healthy Students Action Center, 2002b), a number of tools have been provided to gather detailed information to assist with this process.
What are the design requirements for the SSHS grant?
The first question to be asked relates directly to the design requirements of the SSHS grant.
In contrast, there was a very low proportion of beneficiaries discharged from SSHS located in rural areas of the Middle Atlantic (9 percent), Pacific (10 percent), and New England Divisions (12 percent).