SSHWStichting Sociale Huisvesting Wageningen (Dutch: Social Housing Foundation Wageningen; The Netherlands)
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A literature review, while researching the SSHW workbook and trademark application, revealed little previous interdisciplinary programming or research linking behavior changes in health and personal finances.
It also said the SSHW Unit should be made a permanent fixture to support the CCDM process.
While I have had some exposure to CCDM, it is really important for me to get a handle on how CarePoint and the SSHW Unit actually align.
Graham-Smith said the evaluation had created opportunities to look at how the structure and work of the SSHW Unit could be changed and strengthened.
SSHW Unit director Lisa Skeet is adamant CCDM is the solution to short staffing and care rationing.
The recommendation to establish the SSHW unit was a major step towards meeting the objectives of the report.
NZNO and the SSHW Unit believe that, when we reach the safe staffing destination, patients will receive all the care they require, nurses and midwives will have safe healthy workplaces, and health resources will be used efficiently.
With NZNO's support, the SSHW team has been implementing CCDM in a number of DHBs progressively since 2009.
After four years as director of the SSHW Unit, I believe we are a lot closer to answering this question and to seeing remedies put in place.
SSHW is the epitome of what we need to do to retain our nurses safely and happily.
As chief executive, he has led a series of important partnership projects, including the safe Staffing Healthy Workplaces (SSHW) Committee of Enquiry, establishment of the SSHW Unit and its subsequent work.
The SSHW Unit is trialling a new role, the national TrendCare utilisation coordinator, to support DHBs and their staff to achieve maxi mum results from their acuity tool.