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SSIServer Side Include
SSISmall-Scale Integration
SSISupplemental Security Income
SSISocial Security Income
SSIStatens Serum Institut (Denmark)
SSIScuba Schools International
SSISurgical Site Infection
SSISurvey Sampling International
SSISolid State Imaging
SSISmall Scale Industries
SSIStrategic Simulations Inc.
SSIServer System Infrastructure
SSIStrategic Studies Institute (US Army War College)
SSISécurité des Systèmes d'Information (French: Information Systems Security)
SSISingle System Image (cluster of systems appearing as one system)
SSISensitive Security Information (US DoT)
SSISocial Security Insurance
SSIStatens Strålskyddsinstitut (Swedish Radiation Protection Authority)
SSISpace Studies Institute
SSIShoulder Sleeve Insignia
SSIStudent Success Initiative
SSISaint Simons Island (place name in Georgia, USA)
SSISoil Structure Interaction
SSISemaine de la Solidarité Internationale (French: International Solidarity Week)
SSISolid-State Imager
SSISales Satisfaction Index
SSISpatial Sciences Institute
SSISpeculative Sentiment Index (Forex Capital Markets investment tool)
SSISystème de Sécurité Incendie (French: Fire Safety System)
SSISliding Scale Insulin
SSISight Savers International
SSISemi-Structured Interview (various organizations)
SSISolid State Interlocking
SSISingle Sign-In (authentication)
SSISaigon Securities, Inc. (Vietnam)
SSISerial Synchronous Interface
SSISize-Selective Inlet
SSISignal Strength Indicator
SSISilent Spring Institute
SSISoldier Support Institute
SSISpaceport Systems International
SSISino Strategic International (Australia)
SSIShip Station Identification
SSIShort-Circuited Stub Inductor
SSIStandard Settlement Instruction
SSISmart Start, Inc. (Irving, TX)
SSISouth-South Initiative (WHO Tropical Disease Research)
SSIScandinavian Society for Immunology
SSISustainable Salmon Initiative
SSISatellite Software International
SSIState-Supported Institution
SSISimpósio sobre Segurança em Informática
SSISpectral Sciences, Inc. (Massachusetts)
SSIStructural Significant Item
SSISecret Sensitive Information
SSISelf-Service Interface (websites)
SSIStatic Skeleton Interface (CORBA server-side API)
SSISpecialty Skill Identifier
SSISubmarine Systems, Inc.
SSISecure Solutions International
SSISame-store Sales Index (Redbook)
SSISimulator Systems International
SSISite Screening Investigation
SSIStress-Strength Interference (reliability model)
SSIStaff Sergeant Instructor
SSISpecial Structural Inspections (aviation)
SSISoftware Systems Interface
SSISystems and Synchronous, Inc
SSISoftware Solutions Integrated Limited
SSISooner Scientific, Inc (Garvin, OK)
SSIScreening Site Investigation
SSIStanding Signal Instruction
SSISteady-State Irradiation
SSIShared Systems Initiative (Canada)
SSISafety Significant Item
SSISuspect Site Inspection
SSISpastic Society of India
SSIScottish Society of Indianapolis (Indianapolis, IN)
SSISystem Standards Inc. (Philippines)
SSISingle Subscriber Interface
SSISchedule Support Impact
SSIScience Support Interface
SSISummit Safety, Inc (Devens, MA)
SSIStructural Safety Inspection
SSISIM-STIM Interface (interface for having Sims Stimulate C4ISR boxes)
SSISource Significant Information
SSISafe Sex Instructor
SSISponsored Sales Intermediary
SSISingle Source Income
SSISimilar Source Integration
SSISoldier System Interface
SSISurprise Security Inspection
SSISquare Spiral Inductor
SSISignificant Schedule Impact
SSISafe Sex Initiative
SSISustaining Support Increment
SSISynchronous Serial Line Interface
SSIStores Station Indicator
SSISource Selection Initiative
SSISpace Systems Internetting
SSISmoothing Suppression Indicator
SSISection Scan Indicator
SSISingle Source Integration
SSISub-Surface Investigation
SSISudan Service International
SSISynthesis Solutions, Inc.
SSISalesian Society Incorporated (Australia)
SSISector Scan/Scanning Indicator
SSISingle-Source Investments
SSIShipConstructor Software, Inc. (Canada)
SSISound Source Interactive, Inc. (California)
SSISocial Science Index (journal)
SSISelective Serotonin Inhibitors
SSIStorage Strategies, Inc. (Springfield, VA)
SSISalt Spring Island (Canada)
SSIShimadzu Scientific Instruments (Shimadzu Corporation)
SSIStanding Settlement Instruction
SSISoftware and Systems Integration
SSISingle-Site Injection
SSISouth Sea Imports (quilt distributor; Rancho Dominguez, CA)
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SSI introduced QuickThoughts in 2013 and designed it to integrate with the company's global platform and SSI Blend for quality.
PS507m - The amount owed by SSI UK to the three banks which its parent company SSI must shoulder.
Kiernan will join the SSI Global Executive Team as Senior Vice President, Global Operations and report to SSI President & CEO, Chris Fanning.
Because ClearView 5010 is able to perform ICD-10 testing, many SSI customers have been able to find funding from their ICD-10 budgets.
Recommendation: To enhance the identification, management, and protection of SSI within FEMA in its administration of the Recovery Act PSGP, the FEMA Administrator should direct GPD's SSI Coordinator, when developing and providing further SSI training to GPD staff, to incorporate FEMA-specific examples of the application and use of SSI in the training.
The SSI benefit is reduced by the value of any ISM plus any other income received by the SSI recipient.
These constituted 96% of procedures with any SSI indicator.
I get, on average, 50 to 55 tons of C&D material processed per hour, just as SSI projected.
We are committed to leading the market in utilizing superior technologies to provide our customers with innovative solutions and applications to grow their businesses," said Tom Kuni, President and CEO of SSI hubcity.
Another option available to SSI beneficiaries to proactively plan for international exchange is through the SSI work incentives program.
SSI, which has about 40 employees, has developed several children's software products, including ``The Land Before Time,'' an animated ``movie book'' that in 1996 was named one of the top 50 software products by Newsweek magazine.
Lee is one of 196,698 people nationwide who, because of the law that went into effect on January 1, stand to lose their SSI benefits.